Spanish Influence in North America

  • Period: to

    Spanish Influence

  • First Mission in California was built

    The first mission in California was founded by Father Serra
  • Spanish controlled California

    During the 1800s the Spanish controlled what is now California.
  • Independance

    Mexico won its independence from Spain.
  • Colonization

    Stephan Austin along with several hundred families relocated to Texas and formed a colony.
  • The Mexican Colonization Law was developed.

    It granted Americans settling in Texas: Tax Breaks, Cheap Land, and Additional protection through the Mexican Government.
  • Trade Relations between America and Mexico

    By the 1830s The US had trade relations with the spanish that occupied Mexico.
  • Mexican Government

    The MExican Government passed a law that foorbade any more Americans to settle in Texas.
  • President

    Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna was elected President of Mexico.
  • The Texas War for Independance

    The war for Texas independance was begining.
  • Citezens of Texas

    The citizens of Texas Elected Sam Houston as there President.