Development Milestones

Timeline created by katelynjacobs2011
  • Month 1

    Lifts head and turns it from one side to the other when placed on stomach; focuses on objects from about ten inches to up to three feet away; reacts to parent's voices.
  • Month 2

    Makes sounds such as "oo" and "aah"; watches objects moved about six inches from face; responds more to sounds and different pitches of voice
  • Month 3

    Opens and closes hands; holds head steadily when held up; lifts head and chest when on stomach; swipes at objects; brings hands together
  • Month 4

    Supports upper body on hands when lying on stomach; shows preference for red and blue over yellow; may begin to use vowels and consonants in babbling, such as "ah ga"; grasps rattle; puts hands in mouth; rolls from tummy to back
  • Month 5

    Rocks on stomach while kicking legs and making swimming motions with arms; reaches out and grabs toys; turns head in direction of sound; knows positive speech from unhappy speech
  • Month 6

    Passes a block from one hand to the other; puts objects to mouth with hand; may begin creeping; recognizes basic sounds of native language
  • Month 7

    rolls over both ways; sits up steadily; stands with assistance; knows parents and caregivers by their voices and by sight; can follow a path of moving objects with eyes; babbles with strings of vowels and consonants, such as "ba, ba ba"; grabs for objects with raking motion
  • Month 8

    Pulls self up to standing; bangs blocks together; prpels self by arms, knees, or squirming motion; looks at objects with sustained attention
  • Month 9

    Uses index finger to poke; puts objects in containers; leans forward to pick up toy; notices small objects; may start associating sounds with objects
  • Month 10

    Crawls well; can put objects in containers; uses index finger to start pointing; imitates new word sounds more frequently
  • Month 11

    Walks while holding onto furniture or crib rails for support; uses gestures like shaking head for no; releases objects intentionally; grasps with thumb and forefinger
  • Month 13

    May walk a few steps alone; stands alone for short time; picks up small objets using thumb and forefinger; puts objects into and takes them out of containers; holds and drings from cup