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Imperialist Era Timeline

  • Ostend Manifesto

    Ostend Manifesto
    Ostend Manifesto is issued to Europe by the United States. The ministers a write up a document that urges the United States to annex Cuba for the security of slavery. The document also says that if Spain refuses to sell, the United States should take it by force.

    Congress desires to authorize the United States to annexation of any small islands that are unclaimed by the government. Islands which would fall under that cateogory would be the Philippines or the Hawaiian Islands
  • The United States likes little islands....

    The United States likes little islands....
    The United States began to annex small islands such as Jarvis Island, Bakeris Island, and in 1858 -- Howardis Island
  • Love myself some Japan

    Love myself some Japan
    An agreement between The United States and Japan was reached. This agreement opened up additional ports for free trades, granted residence rights to American citizens and established diplomatic relations
  • Oh thanks Russia

    Oh thanks Russia
    The United States begins to gain more territory. In 1867 they got Alaska and the Midway Islands from Russia
  • Oh Mr. Secretary of State, No need to be sooo pushy!

    Oh Mr. Secretary of State, No need to be sooo pushy!
    James Blaine declares that the Hawaiian Islands belong to the American system, under the intent of the Monroe Doctrine.

    Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii was overthrown by the ambassador of Hawaii - John L. Stevens. This would cause Hawaii to lose its control of keeping itself a separate entity from the United States
  • Battleships

    Maine (The Battleship) that was docked in Havanna Harbor was destroyed. This incident killed 260 crew members. The United States believed it was the Cubans, however the U.S. later found it was an explosion in the coal bunker
  • War Resolution

    After the explosion in Havanna Harbor, President McKinley delivered his declaration of war to Congress. This brought the Congress to adopt a war resolution. This makes Spain breaks off diplomatic relations with the U.S.
  • Attacks against the Spanish

    Attacks against the Spanish
    Admiral Dewey began the attack on the Spanish by attacking the Philippines by engaging the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay. The battle only lasted seven hours. Spainís lost 381 sailors and all its ships; there were hardly any damage to U.S. vessels, and only eight men are wounded.
  • Annexation...

    Hawaii is finally part of the United States. President McKinley signed The Hawaiian Annexation Treaty.
  • Open Door Policy

    Open Door Policy
    John Hay (Secretary of States) requested that United States ambassadors to the countries that already have commerce, treaties, and long term leases with China ask for an "open door policy. The open door policy meant that all nations could receive equal treatments from China
  • Hay-Herran Treaty

    The Hay-Herran Treaty is signed by Colombian change at Washington. Provisions included a 100 year lease on a 10-mile wide strip of land in the Panamanian Province of Colombia. The price they offered to pay was 10,000,000 dollars and an annual rental of 250,000 dollars. Colombia rejected the proposal.

    Though Panama had rejected the Hay-Herran Treaty. In November the United States and Panama signed the Hay Bunearu-Varilla treaty.
  • Panama Cancal Committee

    Panama Cancal Committee
    President Roosevelt appointed seven man to the Panama Canal Commission. These men were placed there to take control of the conclusion of the building of the canal.
  • Election of William Howard Taft

    Election of William Howard Taft
    William Howard Taft was elected President. Taft preached to the citizens that his policies were a slight variation of former President (Roosevelt). Roosevelt's policy was known as "Big Stick Policy," however people referred to Taft's "Dollar Diplomacy."
  • Here comes another President....

    Here comes another President....
    With Taft doing nothing majorly significant, Woodrow Wilson was elected President next. He was the first Democrat president since Grover Cleveland. Woodrow's time in office looked promising, due to his reputation as a Progressive Reformer.

    After many long years and three different Presidents, the Panama Canal was open for shipping.
  • H@t3rz gUn@ h@+3.

    Trouble all started when Austro-Hungarian government went to war with Serbia. Following this incident, Germany declared war on Russia and France, Great Britain declared war on Germany, Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia. However the U.S. said that they were going to remain neutral. This would cause problems with United States trading.