School suplies for timeline


  • 1st period social studies

    1st period social studies I have social studies first period five days a week. We learn about all kinds of things. We just did the declaration of independece and now were studying the revolutionary war. Our first big test is coming up really soon but our teacher is going to help us study!
  • 2nd period computers

    2nd period computers In computers we learn all about the computers we use everyday. We learn emails, microsofts, and even timline websites like this one. If were good and have all our assignments done then on Friday we get to play games. Its a fun class and I always look foward to having it after social studies.
  • 3rd period l.a

    3rd period l.a L.a is my 3rd period. Were learning about poems. We just got done with reading Tom Saywer. We do an outside reading project every quarter. We also do articles on current events called "Did you see this?"
  • 6th period lerning lab

    6th period lerning lab Learning lab and lunch are split in half for the period. Its a class where we either get help on something we didnt understand, do homework, or get in things that we didnt learn in class. We change teachers everyday. We get one teacher twice a week though.
  • 6th period lunch

    6th period lunch Lunch is my favorite part of the day. There are 3 lunch lines. Pizza, Main, and Sub/Salad. Theres slushys, cookies, chips, cereal, ice cream and all kinds of other snacks. Theres also a ton of drinks. I always get milk though.
  • 4th period fcs

    4th period fcs In fcs we learn how to cook and banking. We split the class into quarters. I did cooking first quarter. It was really fun. Im in banking now. Its kind of boring but it will help me manage my money someday.
  • 5th period study hall

    5th period study hall Study hall for me is a place do read, sleep, and do homework from the night before. I get alot done and its my second favorite period. For the most part it s quiet so i get a lot of studying in. I love to read there because I usually get to read for the whole period and that makes me very happy.
  • 7th period science

    7th period science In science were learing about astronomy. Right now were learning about planets, comets, astroids, ect. I like doing labs but sometimes its a really boring class depending on what were doing. I have it right hafter lunch so our pretty is pretty wound up and its really funny.
  • 8th period pre algerbra

    8th period pre algerbra Pre algerbra is my favorite main class. I really understand it so its easy for me. I get good grades in there and the teacher is incredibly nice. When i have a question she always is there to help me!
  • bus ride home at 2:50

    bus ride home at 2:50 The bus ride home is the worst part of my day. The kids are always loud and obnoxious. I try and read but its hard because the people wont shut up! I like getting off and walking home because I like the fresh air.
  • Do homework at 3:30

    Do homework at 3:30 I dont like doing homework. I have better stuff to do but I dont want to fail so I do it. I do s.s, and la, at home because I can do my other homework in study hall. I usually dont have a lot of homework so I get it done pretty fast.
  • Go on computer/watch t.v at 4:30

    Go on computer/watch t.v at 4:30 I like going on the computer to check my facebook, play games, and listen to music. it helps me relax. I also like watching t.v if theres something good on. I usually watch it Thursday nights at 8.
  • go to bed

    go to bed When I go to bed it is the best part of my day. I get good dreams and all my worries are washed away. I dont have to wory about anything and thats just the way I like it.