Transportation History

Timeline created by k-sara
  • First submarine

    First submarine
    Cornelis Drebbel invented the first submarine
  • First Public Bus system

    Blaise Pascal invents a horse-drawn public bus which has a regular route, schedule, and fare system
  • First Car

    Ferdinand Verbiest may have built what may have been the first steam powered car
  • Steam engine

    The steam engine is invented in Scotland.
  • First hot air balloon

    Joseph Montgolfier and Étienne Montgolfier launch the first hot air balloons
  • First Parachute

    First Parachute
    The parachute is invented in France.
  • Scotland invents the bicyle

    The bicycle is invented in Scotland.
  • Gas Powered Vehicle

    Isaac de Rivas made a hydrogen gas -powered vehicle
  • Railway

    George Stephenson built the first practical steam-powered railway locomotive
  • Improved Railways

    George Westinghouse invented the compressed-air brake for railway trains.
  • Car uses gas?

    The first car is run by gasoline in the United States.
  • Industrial Revolution

    . With telegraphy, communication became instant and independent of transport. The invention of the steam engine
    and rail transport. The development of the steam ship, that sped up global transport. The first highways were constructed.
  • After World war l

    the first controllable airplane was invented, it became a fast way to transport people and express goods over long distances.
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford develops the assembly line method of automobile manufacturing
  • 20th Century Turn

    The development of the combustion engine and the automobile. Road transport became more viable, allowing the introduction of mechanical private transport.
  • Traffic signal

    Traffic signal
    The traffic signal is invented in the United States.
  • Jet Engine

    The jet engine is invented in England.
  • Improved Helicopters

    The double-rotor helicopter is invented in Germany.
  • Period: to

    Travelling to space

    Spaceflight was launched in the 50's and had rapid growth until the 70's.
  • Hovercraft

    The hovercraft is invented in England.
  • International Air Travel

    The jet engine was invented which became very accessible.
  • First "real" flight

    First flight of the Boeing 747
  • First man to land on earth

    First manned Moon landing
  • Space Shuttle

    First flight of the space shuttle
  • Maglev Train

    the first commercial high speed Maglev train starts operation between Shanghai and its airport.