Cassie's Timeline

  • Mom becomes pregnant with me

  • Period: to

    Life of Cassie

    Age 0-93
  • Mom starts to feel really sick

  • Mom starts to feel better and is healthy the rest of pregnany

  • Mom is healthy- plays in a bowling league up until this point

  • Born at 2:25 a.m. at Grace Hospital Detroit, MI

    Mom is surprised that after already having 2 boys, she has now has a girl! 7lbs 6oz, 19 inches. (Biosocial)
  • Nutrition- Breastmilk

    Mom breast-fed me for four months. She found it very difficult to continue because of taking care of my brothers. Biosocial
  • Period: to

    The First Two Years

    Age 0-2
  • Crawling

    I start to use my motor skills and start crawling. Biosocial
  • Starting to hold objects

    Fine Motor Skills kick in. I start to hold my bottle. Biosocial
  • Started to feed myself

    Started to feed myself with a bottle and use utensils. Biosocial
  • Walking

    Starting to walk on my own, using fine motor skills
  • Talking. First word "doggie"

    "Doggie" was my first word. We had to dogs at the time and was always excited when I saw them. Started to learn object permanence. Cognitive
  • 2 Years Old- 32'' tall. 50%tile

  • Period: to

    The Play Years

    Age 2-6
  • No sibling rivalry (yet)!

    My oldest brother Jason would have been 12, Josh would have been 6. There was no issues with them getting along with me, we played together and got along without problems. (Jason and Josh on the other hand were boys and always fighting).
  • Imaginary play

    3 years old: Played with babydolls, went "shopping", played "house". Imitated Mom. Bonded with mom. Psychosocial
  • Swimming lessons

    My family belongs to a swim club and my mom takes me to kiddy swimming lessons. biosocial
  • Sunday School

    Family belongs to Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church. I start attending Sunday school and learning about religion (conitive), singing in the choir (cognitive), making arts and crafts (use of motor skills: biosocial), and making friends (Psychosocial).
  • Bonding with Grandma

    Started spending mornings at grandma's house. Watched t.v., played games, went shopping. Psychosocial & Cognitive
  • Pre-School

  • Daddy's little girl

    Followed my Dad around and watched/helped him build things. I wanted to learn and enjoyed spending time with him. I spent more time watching him than my brothers did.
  • Tap, Ballet, and Jazz classes.

    Enhanced gross motor skills. Was placed in girl's dance classes. Learned coordination, ryhtm, and synchronization.
  • Made new friends, became more independant.

    Became close with two neighborhood kids, Matt and Katarina. I felt confident and independant enough to walk down the block to their house to play.
  • Period: to

    The School Years

    Age 6-12
  • 1st grade, learned to read and write

  • Watched brother and his friends

    I followed my brother Josh (age 11) around watching him play alone and with his friends. I was too young to have my own group of friends. He would even let me play with them. I was around boys a lot.
  • Best friend moves away

    My best friend Kat moves away, I become closer to my other friend Matt. We spend the rest of our childhood together.
  • Less sibling interaction

    My brothers were older than me and had their own friends, they didn't want their little sister around. I stopped playing with them and had my own friends.
  • Acting class and piano lessons

    Cognitive and Psychosocial
  • Joined Cheerleading Squad

    Joined the Livonia Eagles cheerleading team. This promomted physical exercise (biosocial) and helped me learn social skills and make new friends (psychosocial).
  • Girl Scouts

    Joined girl scouts. Participated in helping the community, went on field trips.
  • Figure skating lessons

    Learned to figure skate Biosocial
  • Held hands with a boy from school

    Riverside Roller-Skate Rink had "slow-skate" where most young "couples" would hold hands and skate together. My first time holding a boy's (who I had a crush on) hand was in third grade.
  • Started to write leisurely

    English was my favorite subject and school and I loved writing stories, poems, etc. Cognitive
  • Brother's picked on me, temper tantrums

    I was old enough that my brothers figured I could take being picked on. I was always telling on them and usually had temper tantrums if I didn't get my way. I was the youngest and only girl so I typically got away with it.
  • "Dated" a boy from class, first real kiss!

    6th grade a boy asked me out, we "dated". Played spin-the-bottle at a halloween party and had my first kiss with him. We stayed together until 8th grade.
  • Graduated from elementary school

    Completed grade school. Would be attending Riley Middle School in the fall.
  • Period: to


    Age 12-18
  • Middle School

    Cognitive and Psychosocial
  • Puberty, self-esteem declines

    Most girls were growing and adjusting to their new bodies and were confident going through puberty. It seemed I was a little farther behind than most girls. I didn't seem to be changing that much and I was pretty overweight for my age and height.
  • Realized feelings for Matt

    Before I moved away it wasn't till that year that I realized how much I liked Matt, who had been my childhood friend since we were 6 yearsold. He had always liked me but I could only think of him as a friend. It was my first taste of heartbreak. Cognitive,Psychosocial
  • End of 8th grade. Move out of childhood home.

    My mom and dad got divorced. We moved out of the home that I lived in all my life (we lived in north Livonia) with my mom and brothers into a house in south Livonia. My dad moved to Westland. Because of the move I would no-longer be able to go to Stevenson High School (where my brothers had gone and most of my friends from middle school were going to go). I was going through puberty and scared to go to a new high school (Franklin) and make new friends.
  • Started High School @ Livonia Franklin.

  • New school, new friends

    Started High School. Didn't know many people because most of my friends went Stevenson. I felt like a "new" kid in school. I had to make new friends and it was really hard with such low self-esteem.
  • Sophmore Year: New BFF and new boy

    Met a Junior named Karen in my photography class, her and I become best friends (still are till this day) and are each other's survival buddies throughout our highschool days.
    Meet a boy named Mike. I start to have feelings for him. Two problems, 1 he is one of my good friend's boyfriend, and 2, I don't think he likes me back.
  • Loss of good friend and crush

    lose a good friend because she found out I liked her boyfriend. Stopped speaking with the guy because I was heart broken.
  • Driver's license and a car

    Get my driver's license and a new car. Am free to come and go as I please. More independence. Biosocial
  • Re-Visit past "crush"

    Started speaking to former crush again. He is no longer with his gf (my former friend). We become very close. It's puppy love.
  • Lose a total of 50lbs, self-esteem rises

    This is the beginning of my Junior year of high school. Over the summer I had lot about 50 pounds and was feeling very healthy and confident. People at school barely recognized me and praised me on how great I looked. Lots of new compliments from guys and more attention then I ever had in high school. Biosocial
  • Boyfriend becomes over-bearing and controlling

    My boyfriend starts getting into trouble, hanging out with the wrong people. He starts to become violent and controlling. My friendship with my best friend suffers since she does not approve of his behaivor. My family wishes me to stop seeing him. I am torn. Cognitive
  • Stop seeing my bf, heart broken.

    Things become out of hang with my boyfriend. I am forced to leave for my own safety. I am heart broken. I've never cried so hard and felt such pain.
    Cognitive and Psychosocial
  • Rebuild frienships and start to feel "happy" again

    Am moving on from the break-up, start to hangout with old friends again and make new ones. My friendship gets strong with my best friend. I don't feel so down all the time. Its a fresh start and time for change.
    Cognitive and Pschosocial
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

    Ages: 18-25
  • Graduate!

    Graduate from Franklin High School!!
  • Move in with Dad. Go thru the party phase.

    I have a lot more independence and freedom at my dad's house. I have lots of parties (start drinking alcohol on a daily basis), make lots of friends, make lots of mistakes. I do not attend college at this time. Its an experimental and learning experience.
    Biosocial, cognitive, psychosocial
  • Still in "Party" Mode, meet a new guy

    Still living with my dad. Having great times with my closest girlfriends and my older brother who also lives with my dad. Meet a new guy at the end of the summer. He makes me laugh.
  • New boyfriend. Distance b/w best friend.

    Both my best friend and I start dating new guys. We lose touch and hardly hangout and don't talk too often either. We're both so wrapped up in our relationships. My new boyfriend treats me like a princess and makes my self confidence sky rocket. Cognitive and psychosocial
  • New job at Target

    Balancing both work and school. Cognitive
  • Get dumped, heartbreak.

    Boyfriend breaks up with me. I feel so heartbroken. Psychosocial
  • Hired as a Rehab Tech at nursing home, work with BFF

    Am hired part time at a nursing home, thanks to my best friend recommending me. I am now working two jobs and going to school part time. Cognitive
  • Gain closeness again with my best friend Karen

    Karen and I become close again because we work together. Her and her boyfriend broke up just before me and mine did. Timing was everything. We see each other all the time again, and start hanging out with guys on a friends hockey team. We both date some of the hockey players.
  • Move back in with mom. Party days end.

    Move out of my dad's (he remarries my ex-step mom). Move back in with mom. Stop seeing my old party friends, most of them have stabbed me in the back over the years. Partying stops. Start taking a few classes at Schoolcraft. Cognitive & Psychosocial
  • Decide on career path!!! Nurse Anesthetist!

    Decide that the medical field is where my career lies. Reasearch multiple nursing jobs and am most interested in the Nurse Anesthetist jobs. Decided to take all required prereqs at Scraft, transfer to Wayne State's Bachelor in Nursing program, and then work to get into their CRNA program. Cognitive
  • Quit Target. Full time @nursing home, full time school.

    Quit my one job at Target. Can't stand it anymore. Karen get accepted to WSU radiology program and must leave work. I begin full-time in her place and begin "full-time" status at Scraft. Am relied on more at work and gain seniority. Cognitive & Psychosocial
    Cognitive and Psychosocial
  • Less time with BFF, more time with old friend

    Karen is busy in her program, I begin to hangout with a real old friend of mine, Tom. He is my boy "karen". I have know him since middle school. He introduces me to some new people. Psychosocial
  • Love Interest! Start dating.

    Tom is the mutual friend of me and a guy named Chris. He is very funny, makes me laugh. I thought I was too much of a girly girl for him, but it turns out he had a crush on me! We start dating. Cogn, Psych
  • Lose Job @ nursing home, hard classes start at school

    Lose job at nursing home. Start my hardest class yet at Scraft, Anatomy and Physiology. Excel in this course. Gain the ability to focus more on school without having to work. Cognitive
  • Start dating again

    Date a few different guys from work. None of the relationsips are very serious. I ened up breaking up with each one. They were too immature! Psychosocial
  • In Love with boyfriend :)

    Haven't felt so strongly about someone since I was 16, I'm totally head over heels in love. He tells me he loves me. Chris is so good to me!! Makes me laugh! So Happy!! :) Cogn, and Psych
  • Celebrate one year with boyfriend :)

  • Only 15 credits away from being done at Scraft!

    Getting close to leaving Scraft to attend WSU's Bachelors in Nursing program. Cognitive
  • Move out of Mom's

    Move out of my mom's into an apartment with my boyfriend. Is a big step in mine and my boyfriend's relationship. Cognitve/Psychosocial
  • Boyfriend is promoted, put a loan down on new home

    Chris is promoted as a CPA for a large firm, working as an external auditor. With this promotion we are able to move out of apartment to a small home.
  • Learning experience: living with boyfriend

  • Done with Scraft. Transferring to WSU for BSN

  • Start BSN program

  • Period: to

    The Future. Age: 23-91

  • Juggling work and school, no time!

    Relationships with friends and family suffer. Am trying to stay sane as well as stay in touch with everyone. So busy!! Psychosocial
  • Get engaged!!

    My boyfriend Chris of 4 years proposes! :D Plan to wed October, 2014! Psychosocial
  • Graduate w/ Bachelor's in Nursing

  • Start work at U of M hospital

  • Married!

    Marry Chris! <3 Psychosocial
  • Travel

    Travel all over country with husband for 2 months. Wanted to have more time together before I started my program at Wayne State.
  • Period: to

    Adulthood (Future)

    Ages: 25-65
  • Pregnant!

    Pregnant with a baby boy! Biosocial, Cognitve, Pyschosocial
  • Healthy pregnancy, baby Jacob is born.

    Biosocial, Psychosocial
  • Enter CRNA program at WSU

  • Finish school. Become a CRNA.

  • Pregnant with baby girl!!

    Biosocial, Cognitive, Psychosocial
  • Baby Olivia born!!

    All Domains
  • Buy vacation home on Mackinac Island!

  • Start to have to take care of my parents who are elderly

  • Take Trip with my Mother

    My mother and I go on a trip to Ireland, remembering our visit there with my grandmother about 30 years ago. My mom is 77. Cogn/Psychosocial
  • Jacob Graduates High School!

    Is going to attend UofM for college hoc key! Cognitve
  • Olivia graduates high school, studies abroad in Europe.

    My little girl has grown up :( Cogntive and Psychosocial
  • Jacob is a draft pick for NHL!

  • 25 year anniversary, happily married.

    Age 51. Psychosocial
  • Mother and Father pass away :(

  • Olivia moves to Paris, France to study Fashion

  • Son gets married!

    Jacob plays for the NHL and meets a wonderful girl. They end up marrying :) Cogn/Psychosocial
  • Olivia starts own business in Paris

    Becomes a young fashion designer, becomes quite famous in France. So proud! Psychosocial
  • Become Grandparents!!

    Family=Psychosocial, new memories=Cognitive.
  • Husband and I retire! Spend a year in Italy.

    psychosocial and cognitive
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

    Age: 65-91
  • Age starts to catch up with us

    Aging limits the activities Christopher and I use to be able to do. I spend most of my time taking photographs and we both spend more time visiting with our children and grandchildren and traveling.
    All Domains
  • Sell home in Troy, buy condo in Italy

    Purchase condo in Italy. Stay there summer months and return to Macinac in the winter to be with the family. Often visit daughter in France.
  • 50th Anniversary!

    Chris and I are still healthy and active. We spend half the year at our home here in Troy, Michigan and half the year in Macinac Island. Psychosocial
  • Become great-great grandparents!!

    Cognitive and psychosocial
  • Frail with age.

    Husband and I find it hard to travel, due to our frailty and age. Mostly stay in Macinac. Our children visit often with the grandkids. ALL Domains
  • Both can still do ADL's

    ADL's become harder but can still do them. Chris and I spend all of our time together, gardening, photographing the island, and enjoying our children, grandchildren, and memories :) All domains
  • Husband passes

    Love of my life passes away. We had a fulfilling and happy life. I will miss him dearly. But will see him in time... Cognitive, psychosocial
  • My own death

    I go to my husband in Heaven, there I will see the loved ones I've lost over my 91 years on earth. I die happy and in my sleep.