Time line

By rparwar
  • Psychosocial

    During my birth my mom was back in Pakistan, She felt pressured and sense of responsibility about the whole situation. She was concerned about the time and money factor that would be involved after my birth,
  • Biosocial

    She was healthy, but her gained weight by overeating.
  • Cognitive

    My mom loved comedy shows, at while i was in the womb i could imagine my mom laugh and having her fun moments, while few things were changing.
  • Birth

    Born on the December 12th 1991
  • Biosocial

    I was 7.5 libs and 20 inches, I started crawling in 6 months.
  • Cognitive

    She used to take good care of me. She also told me that I used to kick a lot. Probably because I was so anxious to come out in the real world and connect to my mom in real. Nevertheless it was funny.
  • Psychosocial

    This part of the life my parents were both stable and had a good job. My mom on the other hand took a leave from her job by this time give priority to my health and well-being.
  • Biosocial

    At this age my weight and height was gradually increasing. I was more into sports and I had more muscular body shape. My mom made me eat healthy foods.
  • Cognitive

    At the age of 5, I was speaking normally I started to think and recognize things. I had things saved in my brain and used it to solve problems, while playing games.
  • Psychosocial

    I initiate new activities, and loved to play with people, but hated when someone or my parents stopped me. At this age, play becomes more constructive and cooperative, and social skills become important. I had fun fishing with my dad, although I started to gain weight.
  • Biosocial development: Puberty

    As a teen I stopped growing height and have a normal balanced diet with a healthy weight. I play sports a lot to maintain my weight and height.
  • Psychosocial development in adolescence: High School Graduation

    I graduated for High school and now I am 18years old, as an adult, I have many duties and went through a lot of ups and downs in a relationship which made me think and feel things in a totally different way.
  • Cognitive Development: Adulthood

    At this age, I have learned how things work and have a better sense to judge others. Experiences took place, and got to learn a lot new things. I graduated from High school and entered into a new world.
  • Biosocial development: College life

    At this time I am an adult and have some problems such as: emotional impairment, trying to adjust in college, and some allergies.
  • Cognitive Development:

    I began engaging in abstract thinking. I entered in the world where I learned how to be independent.
  • Psychosocial development: during college life

    My thinking changed aswell as my attitude towards people. I started understaing this world much better
  • Biosocial

    At this age I am very old, now instead of going out having fun a the parties I watch my grandsons play outside and attend parties. I am having a bad health nowadays because of my age, but still happy from inside.
  • Cognitive

    At this age I tell my grand sons stories of my teenager life. I share my experiences with them and help them follow the right path.
  • Psychosocial

    Now i am what I am, cant change my personality. I am more with my friends nowadays and have a trust factor with them, as i share new things with them on the weekly basis.

    At the age of 80, now when I am thinking back and missing all those memories I can relate the difference from now and then, where now I am just counting my days.