• prenatal-birth

    Birthday two weeks early
    Biosocial-surprise pregnancy, healthy athlete- swimmers, found out about pregnancy too late to have an abortion
    Cognitive-mom swam competivevly until 4.5 month of pregnancy, didn't share any other details of her pregnancy
    Psychosocial - pretty sure some stress was present just like during any other pregnancy
  • first two years

    Biosocial-Percentiles were not used in Russia at that time, but I was average weight and height, records were lost. Started walking at 1 years old.
    Cognitive started talking by 1, mom cannot recall what was the fist word said by me.
    Psychosocial- one older brother, started community daycare after turning 1, no playdates mom has to work full time, taken care of by grandmother when at home. Daily interacton with other children while in day care, make friends easy, like to play with toys.
  • Preschool years

    Biosocial-very attached to my mom, hat eto leave her side, meningitis at 5 years old, quarantined for 4o days at the hospital, very traumatic experience
    Cognitive - love to play with toys, draw and sing.
    Psychosocial-inqusitory, love my brother while he doesnt like me, very scared of dark and monsters, cannot sleep by myself.
  • School Years

    Biosocial- very independent, like to do things by myself like walking myself to school
    Cognitive- like math, like to do my own homework, like to read and look at family pictures
    Psychosocial- started swimming team, independent, like attention for being good at swimming, not a picky eater, love candy, like to play dress up, still afriad of the dark, tried smocking with one of my friends, did not like it, stole money from my mom because my friend thought it would be a good idea
  • Period: to


    biosocial- puberty- body development more into a young women like body, more atention from male friends. Tried alcohol at home with mom present, not interested in drinking
    cognitive- thought world revolves around me, i am the most important person, and can achieve anything I set out to do, started skipping school with friends
    psychosocial - well known swimmer in the country, take pride in my talent, hate to lose. Identify myself with swim team friends, friends are having sex, pressure is on
  • first exerience

    spend a night at a friends house with boys , did not like it
  • Period: to

    emerging adulthood

    biosocial- strong young athlete, top performer on the team, very dedicated to the sport, consumed with sport performance for the most part
    cognitive- attending university in another country in another language.undecisive about major
    Psychosocial- long term relationship leading to engagement, not sure if mariage is desired at this time, am i ready to be an adult?
  • Period: to


    Biososial- getting married, became "mommy" twice in five years, getting first house, selling the house and moving to the city with family
    cognitive- got another degree in nursing, is it enough? planning to continue education after the baby gets to be old enough for day care, i am not as young as i was before, stress of daily life is high.
    psychosocial- high level of stress, body is not as young and attractive as during emerging adulthood, my needs take second place to family/kids needs
  • Period: to

    adulthood -late adulthood

    biosocial-grandchildren hopefully, 4 of them to visit. volunteering or doing something I love. husband still alive. not too many health problems.
    cognitive- dementia free, leaving in our own place or assisted living not long term care facility
    psychosocial-definately retired but active with volunteering, have lots of same age friends to share stories of younger life.
    death comes in peace or quick.