First Rough Draft of Timeline Chart.

By sanjay
  • Period: to

    First Rough Draft-Time Chart.

  • Period: to

    First Rough Draft of Timeline Chart.

    from birth up to 12 years period
  • PRENATAL;-Biosocial-health of my mother.

  • PRENATAL;-Congnitive; Play holy music to me.

  • PRENATAL;-Psychosocial;--stress level of my mother.

  • Birth-Full Term Normal Baby.

    BIRTH DATE.(Happy Birthday!!)
  • FIRST 2 YEARS;'Psychosocial'' by 2 months

  • FIRST 2 YEARS;Biosocial--Walking Well by age13 months.

  • FIRST 2 YEARS;-' Congnitive;FirstTwo-Word Sentence by age 20 months.

  • PLAY YEARS;Biosocial-pedal a age-3y.

    PLAY YEARS(Age 3 to 6 years.)
  • PLAY YEARS; Congnitive-Peak of 'Why'Questions by age 4.

  • PLAY-YEARS; Psychosocial;instrumental-aggression by age 5y.

  • SCHOOL YEARS; Biosocial;self-care by age 7y..

    SCHOOL YEARS(Age 7 to 12 years.)
  • SCHOOL YEARS; Cognitive; more age 9y.

  • SCHOOL YEARS; Psychosocial;Friendship by age 10y.