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Alyssa's Timeline

  • Period: 220 to 581

    Six Dynasties

    A period of chaos and division for China
  • Period: 221 to 226

    Hadrian's Wall is built throughout Britain

  • 230

    Hadrian ordered people to build the wonderous Pantheon in Rome

  • 238

    Empire reaches all-time high under emperors Trajan and Hadrian

  • 293

    Diocletian split Rome into 4 parts which was ruled by two co-emperors

  • 293

    Byzantium is Created

    Byzantium named by Roman Emperor Diocletian as a new center of Roman
    Empire with power split between Rome (West) and Byzantium (East)
  • 303

    Persecution of Christians

  • 324

    Constantine I defeated Licinius and took over as the one and only ruler of the Empire

  • 324

    The East defeats the West

    : Roman Emperor of East defeated by Roman Emperor of the West, Constantine (first Christian emperor); Byzantium renamed Constantinople & built up by Constantine.
  • 330

    Capitol moved from Rome to Constantinpole

  • 395

    Empire divided into east and West

  • 452

    Attila the Hun invaded Italy and stayed out of Rome thanks to Pope Leo I

  • 455

    Rome sacked by Vandals

  • 476

    Fall of the Western Roman Empire by an invasion of Goths

  • Period: 476 to Nov 18, 866

    Byzantine Empire

    Constantinople considered capital of Byzantine Empire after Rome falls
  • 527

    Justinian I

  • 527

    Justinian I helps build up Constinople

    Constantinople further built up by Emperor Justinian I (e.g., Hagia Sophia, major Christian church; codification of Roman laws)
  • 537

    Hagia Sophia

  • Period: 554 to Jul 7, 1453

    The Eastern Empre survived(unlike the Western Empire) as the Byzantine Empire!!

  • Period: 565 to Nov 18, 866

    City becomes more "greeky"

    city increasingly Greek in nature
  • Period: 570 to Oct 7, 632


    the foundation for the establishment and spread of Islam
  • Period: 589 to Oct 28, 618

    Siu Dynasty

    A time when China came back together after it's blowout
  • Period: Nov 18, 601 to Nov 18, 801

    7th to 8th Centuries

    many Arab (Muslim) sieges of city; Byzantine Empire shrunken
  • Period: Nov 4, 618 to Nov 4, 907

    Tang Dynasty

    Known for being an aristocracy. Many wealthy people owned land then they traded with people.
  • Oct 7, 750

    Qur'an goes into print

    Muslim bookmakers begin printing the Qur'an and volumes of poetry and prose. Islam and the Arabic language spread dramatically
  • Oct 7, 750

    Muslim use of water power and paper

    Muslims begin using water power for making paper, and constructing canals for transportation and irrigation.
  • Period: Oct 20, 750 to Oct 20, 1250

    Islamic Golden Age

    Islamic culture flourishes as the Golden Age of cooperation between Jews and Muslims in medieval Spain promotes creativity in art, literature, and science.
  • Oct 20, 800

    Lowercase Letters

    The Scholars in Charlemagne's schools begin to write with lowercase letters
  • Period: Nov 18, 801 to Nov 18, 1100

    Glory of Emperor Basil I

  • Sep 28, 810

    Gunpowder is invented during the Tang Dynasty

  • Period: Nov 18, 867 to

    Post Byzantine Empire

  • Nov 3, 920

    First written record of foot binding which makes women unsignificant

  • Period: Oct 28, 960 to Oct 28, 1279

    Song Dynasty

    A time when many tools were invented.
  • Oct 28, 1050

    Movable type invented in China

  • Oct 20, 1054

    The Great Schism

    A schism, a break leads to two separate Christian churches: Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox
  • Nov 18, 1054

    The Great Schism

    The Great Schism- break between Rome (papacy) and Constantinople (Greek Orthodox)
  • Oct 28, 1065

    China begins regular civil exams during the Song Dynasty

  • Oct 20, 1066

    Feudalism starts in England

    William the Conqueror introduces feudalism to England
  • Period: Oct 20, 1096 to Oct 20, 1291

    A Series of Crusades

    Muslims begin using water power for making paper, and constructing canals for transportation and irrigation.
  • Oct 20, 1215

    The Magna Carta

    King John puts his seal to the Magna Carta- the first limit on the King's absolute power is established
  • Nov 18, 1453

    Constinople invaded by Turks

    city of Constantinople taken by Ottoman Turks (Mehmet, or Muhammad, II); renamed Istanbul, made capital of Ottoman Empire, and revived as center of learning and religious tolerance.
  • Oct 20, 1492

    The Reconquista

    The Spanish conquer Granada, the last Muslim-held city in Spain, after a centuries-long effort to reassert Christian control there
  • Period: Nov 18, 1520 to Nov 18, 1566

    City at it's Height

    under Sultan Suleiman I, city at its height
  • I was born

    The day I was born....what a magical day indeed!!! :)
  • My parents got married!

    Lucky me....I got to be the flower girl!!!!!
  • My sister,Jordan, was born!!!

    Awwww....I remember the day!!!
  • My 1st airplane ride!

  • I stated kindergraten!!

  • Going out of state for the 1st time!

  • The start of my soccer career!

    And I am still going strong with to this day!!
  • Getting my braces put on

    painful painful years!!!
  • Brandon,my baby brother, was born!!!

  • Going to science camp!!

    SO FUN!!!