• The Construction

    When the king of Hawaii sent people below to the island of Lulian. The King sent people to build the city of A tlantis 10 days adter the discovery of Lulian.
  • Period: to

    Atlantis History

  • Huricane

    The constructor had build olmost half of the city when hurricane Savannna hit them. The progress they had vanish with the airs of the hurricane.
  • Earthquake

    After Savanna hit they had to rebuild the city, but saddly it took days to get enough supplies. When their hope was regained and that the city was a quarter done. When an earthquake Nicole hit and send the city underwater.
  • Building the city Underwater

    After days the kings smartest citizen had shone a kind of mask that lets you breathe underwater. Constructors use the device and build the city under water.
  • The Tube

    After finishing the city people questioned how to get there. So the same inventor of the mask,named Jack Blunt,created a substance named glas? This Glass product helped link the city to the island.
  • Population High

    Years later our population mounted high and we had to build another city called Triton. We would link Triton to Atlantis.
  • Triton Done

    Triton is finish and the population so far is 75 percent less than Atlantis but hopes are up for the growth.
  • Terrible Sickness

    On March an illness caught on a salmon company spreaded a deadly illness called "Muerdo De Luna" or in english Moon Bite.
  • Cure Found For Moon Bite

    A couple scientist found the cure but the king has died and also his whole family. We will have a funeral Before the month is over.
  • Funeral For Royalty

    We have buried our kings in the island near Atlantis. Our city is debating on our new government we are deeply hurt and wish only the be bright.
  • New Government

    Our government is now Democracy and very suffiticated we vote for our leader hope this works.
  • New Pring??

    Our government consist of four tales one is for the Pring,then the Gill,Botrat,and Gorals.
  • Eruption

    Hawaii volcano erupted and the citizens came to atlantis our Pring and The Gill let them stay. We have nw future plans for another city.
  • Neptune city is on its way

    Neptune our next city is plan to be done in three months.
  • Neptune Done

    Neptune is finish now more people are coming hoping for a better life.
  • Hope for our Nation

    A sign of thr triton gave us hope when a travler found it we think the gods are sending us good year.
  • Future Awaits us

    We look towards our future