kavans timeline

By kavanc
  • My birth date

    The day i was born.
  • Moved To Hong Kong

  • Sister was born

  • Moved back to Canada

    Moved back to Canada from Hong Kong,
  • Lived in Grandparents house with whole family

    When i first came back to Canada i lived in my grandparents house with one of my cousins for a couple years.
  • Moved out of Grandparents

    Me and my family moved out of my grandparents house and bought our own.
  • Broke my wrist

    Broke the bone in my wrist completely in half, ended up not going on vacation with my family because i couldnt get onto a plane because the air pressure would have broken my arm again, after having the doctor snap it back in place.
  • Came to Richmond Green

    First day of school coming to richmond green in grade 9.
  • Went on vacation

    Went on vacation with family. Went to Japan, Tokyo, and visited family in Hong Kong for 3 weeks.
  • Vacation to Cuba

    Went to Cuva with family from Hong Kong, my grandparents, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and parents.