victoria lacroix''s personal worldly timeline

  • cellphones

    the first cellphone ever made in 1973.
    the cell phone also as mobile phone were created to talk from a distance
  • the birth of victoria lacroix

    the birth of victoria lacroix
  • Period: to

    victoria lacroix's timespan

  • twin towers 9 11

    twin towers 9 11
    when the twin towers callapsed. it was september 11th 2001.
    in the united states of america. 2 plains were hight jacked by terorists they knew they where going to die yet they still did it. because they felt they needed more attention and that the usa was not treating them nicely
  • listinig

    when i was just 5 years old, 7 years ago.
    i was wlaking on the sidewalk with both of my sisters.
    we just got off of a city bus and i started running backwards
    my sister told me to stop and turn around i didnt stop but a couple minutes later when i turned around i hit my eye against a bus post and since then i learned top be more careful and listen to my older siblings
  • The Creation of Facebook

    The Creation of Facebook
    facebook is a website with more than 500 milion people on it.
    you can search your friends, chat with them, update your profile, aand play games.
    if facebook would be a country it would be the third biggest after china and india
  • skating

    skating is a big part of my life
    when i first started skating i was 6
    joannie rochette inspired me with the emotien
    and elegance
  • dancing

    when i was 4 i started ballet in richmond hill, ontario
    i hated it and stoped right away.
    but then three years later i started dancing again.
    when i watch so you think you can dance or dancing with the stars i love the way they move and the rythm. and thats what really inspired me
  • haiti earth quake

    haiti earth quake
    when haiti had the earthquke it was devistading.
    thousands of people lost there friends and family
  • internet

    i use internet alot for different reasons but when i go on the internet it is mostely for working and learning (i learn new things every time)
    another thing is that we can reiceve and send messeges very quickliy