My timeline

  • My Birthday

    I was born at St. Mary's Hospital around 12:00am.
  • Wisconsin Dells #1

    Wisconsin Dells #1
    I went to Wisconsin Dells for the first time when I was five and went on a duck ride.
  • Las Vegas

    The first time we went to Las Vegas was by plane.
  • Times Square

    I went to Times Square when I was on my way to St. Louis.
  • Hershey Factory

    I went to the Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania.
  • Las Vegas

    The last time we went to Las Vegas we went on a plane then I went in our RV!
  • Wisconsion Dells #2.

    Wisconsion Dells #2.
    The scend time I went to Wisconsion Dells I went to a unique hotel called the St. Jefferson.
  • Driving a go-kart for the first time up north.

    We were on our way home and my mom saw ice cream so we got some. I saw the go-karts and I asked my mom if I can go om them but my mom wanted to see how long it was. Then we got the ticket and I drove a go-kart.
  • S.T Louis

    We went to St. Louis for a cousin who had passed.
  • Last time I went to Wisconsin Dills.

    Last time I went to Wisconsin Dills.
    The last time I went we did the same thing as number 2.