History of Bhaveshia

By bsayal
  • Our Founder

    Our Founder
    On May 6, 1966, Bhavesh founded our country called Bhaveshia.
  • Dictator

    Bhavesh was assassinated on May 6, 1971. Someone named Hibler became Bhaveshia's dictator! All the citizens lost all their rights, and they were saddened by their fair leaders death.
  • Independence from Hibler

    Independence from Hibler
    Finally we won our independence against Hibler and his raging armies! We were now free!
  • War with a country named Bhaveshe

    War with a country named Bhaveshe
    We fought a war against a country that is right next to us named Bhaveshe (They liked our name so they named their country similar to ours). After two long years of fighting we won and then we finally achevied peace with Bhaveshe.
  • A new industry discovered

    A new industry discovered
    We discovered mines below our country on September 30, 1979. It became our most important industry.
  • Weather System

    Weather System
    We created a weather system which could control the desired weather. We could control the distance and range of the area that needed a certain weather (two feet, a mile, ten miles etc.). So if there was a drought, our land can have rain, and if there is too much rain then we can have the sun shining! We can easily grow our crops in abundance in this way.