My life

  • my birth

    The day a beutiful girl was born named Karen.
  • Period: to

    my life

  • accsident

    I pulled a cats telled and it draged me down the stairs.
  • Immigrated

    The time i immigratted to the U.S
  • terrorisim

    The Twin towers were attacked.
  • First Communion

    I did my Fist Commuion
  • First baby sister

    My first baby sister was borned
  • Fist baby boy

    My fist baby brother was boned.
  • Cuntinuated

    I graduated from Henry Middle school.
  • Second baby sister

    My second baby sister was borned.
  • Karlas 15

    Kalas 15 Bithday
  • Alexandras 15

    Alexandras 15 birthday
  • Mt Big 15

    When i turned 15. The big event party i had