The History of Computing

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    History of Computing

  • Napier's Bones

    Napier's Bones
    Napier's bones are invented by John Napier
  • Pascaline

    Blaise Pascal invents the Pascaline
  • Step Reckoner

    Step Reckoner
    Gottfried Leibniz invents the Step Reckoner
  • Jacquard Loom

    Jacquard Loom
    Joseph Jacquard invents the Jacquard Loom
  • Analytical Engine

    Analytical Engine
    Designed by Charles Babbage in 1837 but was not built until about a hundred years later.
  • First Computer Program

    First Computer Program
    Augusta Ada Byron writes the first computer program
  • Tabulating Machine

    Tabulating Machine
    Herman Hollerith invents the tabulating machine.