Anti-Semitism Timeline

  • Jan 2, 1095


    In 1095 A.D, the first Crusades by Pope Urban II were launched. Jews were given the option of "baptism or death".
  • Apr 20, 1215

    Badges for Jews

    To make the Jewish population easily distinuishable, the Church's Fourth Lateral Council in 1215 required Jews to wear a distinctive badge on their clothing.
  • Nov 18, 1290


    Although the Jews seemed to be useful for the kings and nobles, it was their destiny to be banned from numerous European countries. In England, they were banned in 1290. In France, it occured in 1306.
  • Jun 4, 1421

    Persecution in Vienna

    In 1421, a persecution of Jews occured in Vienna. Jewish posessions were confiscated and the Jewish children were forced to convert. During this persecution, 270 Jews were burnt at the stake.
  • Sep 2, 1492

    Expelled from Spain

    In 1492, Jews were completley expelled from Spain.
  • Mar 12, 1542

    Martin Luther

    When Martin Luther failed to turn the Jews into Protestants, he renewed all the old charges and claimed the Jews as poisoners, ritual murderers, userers, parasites, and devils. He even called for the burning of their synagogues, seizure of their books, and expulsion from Germany.
  • Nazi Party Slogans

    Heinrich von Treitschke, an influential German, created a phrase that brough much attention to the German population. His slogan was "Die Juden sind unser Ungluck", which meant "the Jews are our misfortunes". Eventually this slogan would be used in Nazi Party rallies.
  • Banned from Schools

    Petitions signed by 250,000 Germans demanded that the government ban Jews from German universities and schools. The Jews were also banned from holding public office.
  • Massacre in Morocco

    There was a huge massacre of Jews that took place in Casa Blanca. Jews were raped and then carried off to mountains. The stomachs of Jewish women were slashed open and children were smashed with crowbars.