Kim Nguyen's Timeline

  • Birthday

    The day i was born..
  • Period: to

    Kim Nguyen"s Timeline

  • Baptism

    I got baptize..
  • Accident

    i got bit by a dog and have to go to the emergency room.
  • First Year of School

    I went to kindergarden.
  • First day of Youth Group

    This is very important to me because i get to meet a lot of people that i love, in God's house.
  • Shocking New

    My mom left to the US to work, leave my Brother and I, we have no choice.
  • Dyed my hair for the first time

    I get to dye my hair brown for the first time when i was 10
  • Last Day of Elementary School

    This was the last day of school and i never came to see my teachers and friends. Never got to see them again.
  • New Land, New Life

    The day I came to the United Stated
  • Confirmation

    The day i got comfirmed.
  • 44th President was elected

    President Barrack Obama was elected