Bonnie's Life

  • Born

    I'm born on April 2, 1997
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Suzanne's born

    My sister, Suzanne, is born on July 29, 2000
  • first day of kindergarten

    I started my first day of school at North Canton Elementary.
  • first day of 1st grade

    I start 1st grade at North Canton Elementary
  • first day of second grade

    I start 2nd grade at North Canton Elementary until the flood hit then I went to school at Brevard Elementary
  • Flood hits

    Ivan and Francis hit my house and so my family moves to Brevard while the house is being repaired.
  • first day of 3rd grade

    I start 3rd grade at North Canton Elementary
  • my play is performed at Spotlights Theatre Camp

    I write my first play and it is performed at theatre camp. I was the director.
  • first day of 4th grade

    I start 4th grade at North Canton Elementary
  • I start Spotlights

    I start spotlights theatre in my first play, Narnia. Iplayed a fox and had one speaking part
  • I start volunteering at Sarge's animal resue

    My friends start a fund raising group and we donate 45 dollars to the animals there.
  • first day of 5th grade

    I start 5th grade at North Canton Elementary
  • I get lead part in "Golden Goose"

    I played the golden goose and had tro wear a plump goose costume.
  • 5th grade goes to Charelston, SC

    We went as a field trip and the departing day was on my birthday.
  • first day of 6th grade

    I start my first year of middle school at CMS
  • Suzanne and me start gymnastics

    I did gymnastics with my sister for about a year.
  • I get glasses

    I finally am able to read the white board
  • I am given the citizenship award

    It was one of the biggest surprises of my life.
  • my family goes on cruise to Mexico

    We took a Cranival cruise to the Caymen Islands then to Mexico to see Mayan Ruins.
  • first day of 7th grade

    I start 7th grade at CMS
  • my family drives to Canada for vacation

    We visited Niagara Falls and Toronto.
  • first day of eight grade

    I start my last year at CMS