My life

  • Brithday

    This is the day i was born in a hospital.
  • Baptized

    I was baptized in my church in clyde and the name of it is Clyde Central United Methodist.
  • Lost my first tooth

    I was in Mrs. Jesse's room in Kindergarten and i lost my very first tooth.
  • Tonsols and adnoids

    I gpot my tonsols and adnoids out in the month of december and didnt eat much for a month
  • Basketball Nationals

    We went to Florida for the National basketball tournament and came in 1st out of alot of teams there.
  • Disney World

    Me and my family went to disney world with our cousins, over the summer.
  • Drivin a car

    My dad teached me how to drive the drivers ed car around town to practice one day in the summer.
  • Basketball game!

    HAd a basketball game against Bethel and we were tied at the end and i hit a game winnin shot!.
  • Over the fence

    Played a game against Bethel and hit the ball over left field fence!!
  • Startin School

    Started 8th grade!!!