Micah's Timeline

  • Birthdate

    I was born Novemeber 19th 1996. I was born in Mission hospital in Asheville. I weighed 6 lbs 1 0z. I am a twin, i was the second twin born 34 minutes after my brother Josiah.
  • The Introductory to Baseball

    At age 5 i started playing baseball. My Dad has coached me everday sense. From that moment on i fell in love with the great game of baseball. I still play it today.
  • Saved

    i got saved on March the 12th 2002. It happend one night after church awhen God convicted me and i couldnt get to sleep. So i prayed to Him and he saved me. I ran into mama and dad's bedroom and told them! I was so excited.
  • First ALL-Star D-5 Victory

    In the summer of 2002 i made the all-star team. We never lost a game. That year i batted cleanup. We fought hard and won the District 5 championship. The next 5 years we would go on to win teh championship the next 6 years.
  • Brake!

    On one cold October when Dad go thome from football I wanted to wrestle. So we did and i was playing hard but i landed with my foot cocked and i broke my growth plate. I had to wear a boot for 2 months.
  • Travel

    We wanted to play some big time baseball. So we decided to play travelin. I loved it! We continued to playing and got better.
  • Middle School

    Fresh out of Elementary school it was time for a change. i was all geared up an ready for middle school. I was a fun year and wanted to have a good rest of middle school.
  • Middle School Sports

    i wanted to play sports at a high level. Middle school was the first step into doing that. I was ready for it. I enjoyed that sports year.
  • Myrtle Beach Baseball

    We were in our prime in travel baseball. We decided to go to Myrtle Beach and play on their ALL TURF FIELDS! It was almost like going to go see a pro game! We had the time of our lives down there!
  • 8th Grade

    This is my last yeat at cms. i hope its a good one! Im playing 3 sports this year hope i willl have a successful year.