Wodonga Catholic Parish.

  • The Houn Family.

    In 1836 The houn Family settled in Wodonga on the southern side of the murray river.
  • The first mass

    in 1843 the first mass was celebrated in people's homes by Fr. Lovet.
  • A small church

    In 1860 a samll church was built on the site of St Augustines.
  • St Augustines Church

    St Augustines Church was opened in 1876 and it was only 1900 when Wodonga came it's own parish in it's right.
  • Catholic Education

    In the early 1880's Catholic Education was provided 2 lay teacher's.
  • Mercy Nun's

    In 1892 four Mercy Nun's were secured from Albury & a convent was built in Wodonga
  • St Augustine's School.

    In 1952 There were 520 student's enrolled at St Augustine's School.
  • Poulation in Wodonga

    the 1970's saw the population grow in Wodonga.
  • Sacred Heart

    In 2010 Sacred Heart Church had renovation's done to it.