Wodonga Catholic Parish

  • Catholics settled in Wodonga.

  • Period: to

    Over 174 years.

  • Fr.Lovet did first mass in private homes

  • A small St.Augustine's church was built in Wodonga

    Wodonga is part of Chiltern Parish
  • St.Augustine's church is open to the pubic of Wodonga

  • Wodonaga become's a Parish of it's own right's

    The first Parish priest of Wodonag was Fr.Jame's Ryan
  • St.Augustine Prestbytey was built and served Wodonga priest

  • It was decided that a new church will be built

    Ten building blocks had been donated the church in the 1950's By the Trudewind family.
  • Scared Heart is built

    and opened where they were they planing to put a new curch
  • Wodonga was divided into two parishes

    But it was a disaster Fr. Fank Hickey abandon the two parishes
  • St.Augustine's Presbytey was demolished

  • The Golden Child was Born

    This is when the golden child was born (me)(charlie)
  • Wodonga Sacrd Haert church is finshed the reovations