Wodonga Catholic Parish

Timeline created by casey4757
  • Catholic's present in Wodonga

  • The first Mass celebrated by Fr. Lovet

  • A small church was built

  • St. Augustine's opened

  • Wooden skillion built on the back of St. Augustines church

  • 4 Mercy sisters came to Wodonga

  • Wodonga became a Parish

  • St. Augustine's Presbytery was built

  • 10 builting blocks donated

  • 520 students inroled at St. Augustine's

  • New church built in South Wodonga

  • Sacred Heart Church was built

  • Population grows in Wodonga

  • St. Monic's is opened

  • Wodonga divided into 2 parishes

  • New College West Wodonga

  • Sr. Mary Duffy Pricipal of a school for the Vic. Housing Commission

  • Fr. Fank hickey came to Wodonga

  • St. Augustines get some renovations

  • St. Augustines prebytery was demolished

  • Fr. Dennis & Fr. Jake come to Wodonga

  • Sacred Heart Church was renovated

  • Period: to

    Wodonga Catholic Parish