PSY Timeline Project

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    My Life Stages

  • Able to hear/recognize mom and dad's voices

    Cognitive: At the age of viability of 28 weeks, I can audibly recognize the voices of my mother and father.
  • Suffered mild tachycardia when my grandfather died

    Cognitive: When my mother received the news that her father had passed away and was 8 months pregnant, her emotional response triggered elevated blood pressure, rapid movement, and near complications in myself.
  • My Birth, Length: 18 inches, Weight: 8 lbs, 6 oz

    Biosocial: I was born at a length of 18 inches and a weight of 8 lbs, 6 oz.
  • Vaccinations for smallpox, polio, measles

    Biosocial: my pediatrician injected me with vaccinations to "jumpstart" my immune system as protection defenses against major child illnesses.
  • Spurt of vocabulary learning of 100s of words

    Cognitive: at about 18 months, I hit my vocabulary spurt and was able to go thru flashcards with my dad and learn/understand 5 new words everyday.
  • Forged long-lasting bonds with my older brother and best friend

    Psychosocial: at 2 years old, I was developing a very close relationship with my brother, who was 5 years old at the time, and my best and oldest friend, Ryan, who was also 2 years old. This psychosocial development follows the "goodness of fit" theory.
  • T-Ball and Soccer as a toddler

    Psychosocial: at age 4, being enrolled in t-ball and little league soccer helped me to understand the gender schema and how I was supposed to behave as a boy in the social environment.
  • Sports/activities revealed my total left-handedness

    Biosocial: At age 4, taking an interest in baseball, football, hockey, basketball, golf, and soccer, my parents knew that I was a southpaw. Every sport and activity, from eating to swinging a bat, I favored my left hand and left side.
  • Started Kindergarten/Daycare

    Cognitive: Enrolled in kindergarten half-day classes to help increase my social and cognitive development and improve my skills as a child.
  • Stayed physically active to avoid childhood weight issues.

    Biosocial: By almost 9, I was physically active as a midfielder in soccer, a shortstop in baseball, and a point guard in basketball. Childhood obesity is on the rise and it is critical to stay active.
  • 1st place in elementary school spelling bee

    Cognitive: at 10 years old, I won the Tonda Elementary spelling bee as a result of hard work and well-developed working and long-term memories.
  • A member of several different groups of friends

    Psychosocial: by age 10, I was starting to learn how to behave in different circles of peers, from my best friends at home to classmates to my friends on sports teams.
  • Started working out after my 1st growth spurt

    Biosocial: after my first growth spurt to 5'4" at the recommended age to advance fitness, I started weightlifting and regular jogging to keep healthy between sports.
  • Started my first serious relationship

    Psychosocial: At age 15, I asked out my first girlfriend, Molly, and began a happy 6-month romantic relationship.
  • Passed AP Statistics Exam for college credits

    Cognitive: in the higher learning arena, I studied hard during my advanced probability and statistics class so that I could pass the placement exam for college credits.
  • Skydiving and bungee-jumping

    Biosocial: Although it is risky and deemed edgework as two extreme sports, I plan to fulfill my goals of feeling the rush of skydiving and bungee-jumping after my education is done.
  • Graduation from PA School into a professional career

    Cognitive: upon graduating from physician's assistant school, I will have the knowledge and intellect to begin a career as a young professional.
  • Proposing to my girlfriend

    Psychosocial: once my current girlfriend of three years graduates from law school, I plan to propose to her in hopes of spending my life with her.
  • The birth of my first of four children

    Psychosocial: After a couple years of married life, I plan to begin my family at around age 30 with the birth of my first kid, hopefully a son.
  • Begin treatment for mild arthritis

    Biosocial: at age 40, I will begin treatment for mild arthritis from years of physical activity.
  • Increase reading and puzzles to prolong cognitive ability

    Cognitive: At 55 years old, I plan to increase reading, problem-solving, and puzzles to exercise my mental capacity and prolong cognitive health.
  • Working and short-term memory decline

    Cognitive: As a result of aging, my short-term and working memories are declining and I will have problems with complex activities of daiily living.
  • Helping my grandchildren learn about life

    Psychosocial: After years of living, my wife and I will be able to impart hard-earned wisdom on our teenage grandchildren seeking life advice.
  • Use of medication to cope with CHD and declining health

    Biosocial: by age 70, I will have mild heart problems and elevated blood pressure, but will continue to lead a happy life with my wife and family thanks to medications.
  • My Death

    At age 80, surrounded by my loving wife and family in my home, I will die peacefully from old-age and heart problems.