Life and Development Timeline of Tussany Garmo

By tussany
  • Birth

    Born Southfield Michigan Providence Hospital 7lbs 2 oz
  • Home from the hospital

    Psychosocial- Come home from the hospital and start to build a relationship with my mother father and aslo sister. Biosocial- I was breatfed
  • Cooing

    Cognitive- Making sounds and cooing
  • Babbling

    Cognitive- I began babbling and interacting more with others
  • First tooth

    Biosocial- My first tooth came in and i was also being fed new types of foods
  • Crawling

    Biosocial- Almost 8 months i began to crawl, my mom said she had to sweep the floor so much because i always wanted to eat everything
  • Walking

    Biosocial- almost a year old and i began taking my first steps!
  • First Word

    Cognitive- Almost my first birthday and i spoke my first word! Dada
  • Sleeping

    Biosocial- My mom always told me when i was younger i was not very energetic, i loved to sleep, this was probably the reason i was a little overweight
  • Preschool

    Psychosocial- My first day of preschool! My mom said i was very shy and quiet, this was probably because my parents only spoke Arabic in the house and i did not know any English.
  • Coloring

    Cognitive- I loved to draw, color and paint
  • Royce was born

    Psychosocial- My little brother was born, which scared all of us because he was premature. Born 2 months early at 2.5 lbs
  • Kindergarden

    Psychosocial- My frist day of kindergarden. I was so scared i cryed for the entire day.
  • School

    Cognitive- During school i was very good in math and science but a little bit behind in reading and writing. This is usually the opposite for boys and girls
  • More Energry

    Biosocial- At around 8 i began to have more energy, wanting to be more like my sister i even joined our 4th grade basketball team.
  • My Best Friend

    Psychosocial- This is when i met my first best friend who stuck with me throughout all of high school
  • My first real insturment

    Cognitive- I learned to play my first insturment the clarinet. Even though i loved it i don't think i was very good.
  • Middle School

    Psychosocial- This is when i started my first day of middle school, even though i was very shy i was really happy to have my best friend and my sister by my side
  • New Friends

    Cognitive- During my middle school years i became less shy and made a lot of new friends
  • Bye bye Baby fat

    Biosocial- During the summer i became a lot more active. I loved to play outside and try new sports. I became a lot taller and began to lose a lot of my baby fat
  • Grandpa dies

    Psychosocial- Grandpa died while we were on vacation
  • Braces

    Biosocial- Braces =]
  • First day of High school

    Psychosocial- My first day of high school i was so scared, the school was so big i got lost so many times.
  • Spanish

    Cognitive- i learned a new language
  • First Job

    Psychosocial- I got my first job at a shoe store
  • Job #2

    Psychosocial- I got my second job at a doctors office that would help me in my future with my P.A job
  • Grandma Dies

    Psychosocial- Grandma died
  • Weight and health

    Biosocial- Start to realize that my body is not working the same way it used to when i was younger so i begin working out more and playing more sports to stay active and healthy
  • P.A school

    Psychosocial- I get accepted into P.A school maybe in chicago, arizona or michigan
  • Internship

    Cognitive- Learn new things in P.A school and work with different P.A's and doctors to help with my future job.
  • Married

    Psychosocial- I get married =]
  • First Child

    Biosocial and Psychosocial- I have my first healthy child
  • Child 2 and 3

    Psychosocial-I have twins Children number 2 and 3
  • wrinkles

    Biosocial- start to look like im aging and wrinkles form, eye sight starts getting a little worse
  • Memory

    Cognitive- My memory starts to get a little worse, can't always remember the things that i used to.
  • old

    Biosocial- look older, shorter, cant move as fast
  • Grandchildren

    Psychosocial- Have all my children and grandchildren around me
  • classes

    Cognitive- Because i am losing my memory more and more i start taking language classes to help improve my memory
  • Perfect Life

    Die at the age of 90 years old living the perfect life.