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Life Span of Candice Willemsen-Venerus

  • Born at Sinai Grace in Detroit, 7lbs 14oz

    Weight at birth was 7lbs 14oz. 20 inches long.
  • One day old-Birth-Biosocial-Ability to hold up head at birth.

  • 3 months-Psychosocial-First years-First bond created with babysitter June.

  • 6 months old-First 2 years-Psychosocial-Parents got divorced, mom got custody of us.

  • First 2 years-Biosocial-Took first steps at 9 1/2 months old.

  • 10 months-first 2 years-Cognitive-Spoke first words, "No, Mama"

  • Moved with dad on Appleton St in Detroit

  • 2 yrs old-Psychosocial-Met Tasha from down the street. Were neighborhood friends for a couple years.

  • Period: to

    Back and fourth custody of us to parents, more times than I can count

  • 3 years old-Cognitive/Psychosocial-play years-First day of preschool in Redford, MI

  • 4 yrs old-play years-Biosocial-Sister smashed my face into fireplace, killing nerves in front teeth.

    Thus, the start of many problems with teeth. Suprisingly, i had a deformity with that tooth anyways, being 2 teeth in one. I had to have a root canal and they had to remove the second tooth surgically.
  • "buck tooth baby" nickname received, stuck for 10 yrs.

  • 4 yrs old-play years-Psychosocial-Met my first real best friends, Jamie and Lucy from around the block

  • First day of Kindergarden in Redford, MI

  • 6 yrs old-play years-Cognitive-Placed in "Reading Readiness" after kindergarden for developmental reading delays

    Family still believes I was wrongfully held back.
  • 11 yrs old-Adolescent-Cognitive-Was placed in HS level classes for math and science in middleschool

  • 12 yrs old-Adolescent-Psychosocial-Middleschool mentor Mrs. Reagan, still keep in touch with her.

  • Period: to

    13 yrs-Adolescent-Biosocial-Had braces put on by U of D Mercy Ortho. students

  • 15 years old-Cognitive-Adolescent-Was placed in AP classes in high school

  • 16 years-Psychosocial-Adolescent-Met best friend in High School, Savannah

  • 17 years-Psychosocial-Adolescent-Dropped out of school to be with boyfriend, MISTAKE

  • Had first child, Emma Marie

    Had first child, Emma Marie
  • 20 years-Psychosocial-Adulthood-Met Kevin, my future husband.

  • Bought first house

  • 21 years-Psychosocial-Adulthood-Married Kevin Venerus, my soul mate

  • Had second child, Madeline Marie

    Had second child, Madeline Marie
  • Period: to

    25 years to present-Biosocial-Adulthood-Depression/anxiety problems from loss of loved ones.

  • 25 years-Psychosocial-Adulthood-Lost father, my best friend and biggest role model to heart disease/heart attack at 50

    25 years-Psychosocial-Adulthood-Lost father, my best friend and biggest role model to heart disease/heart attack at 50
  • 25 years-Cognitive-Adulthood-Started college for the first time

  • Period: to

    Completed pre-requisites for EMU program at Schoolcraft College

  • 25 years-Biosocial/Cognitive-Adulthood-Had to decide to give up my son at 20 weeks gestation.

    He had Dandy Walker Syndrome. Chances of living to birth were 15%, and would never have motor skills. Was missing almost entire cerebellum. Doctors said some genetic factors may apply.
  • Applied and was accepted to EMU for Masters of Occupational Therapy program

  • 30 years old-Cognitive-Adulthood-Graduated from EMU with Masters Degree in OT

  • 30 years-Cognitive-Adulthood-Decided to move to Florida with family for career.

  • Got first real job in my career field

  • Emma gets married

  • Madeline gets married

  • Period: to

    Get to enjoy my children and grandchildren

  • First grandchild born

  • 56 years-Retired early, moved to Costa Rica

  • 56 years-Psychosocial/Cognitive-Started non profit for under privledged children in Costa Rica

    I have always had a bond to children. I cannot stand to watch them suffer.
  • 64 years-Biosocial-Adulthood-Having some difficulty with depression and anxiety over getting old and dying.

  • 83 years-Biosocial-End years-Lost some short term memory capabilities due to age and heredity.

  • 85 years-Died in Costa Rica