Philippine-American War

  • Period: to

    Philippine-American War

  • Spanish-American War Begins

    Spain officially declares war on the United States. There is some discrepency about the original date.
  • First Attack

    George Dewey leads the first official attack on Manila Bay. United States Victory.
  • U.S. Withdraws from Cuba

    U.S. troops begin to leave Cuba, the primary site of the Spanish-American war, signifying the coming of resolution.
  • Secure Luzon

    McKinley orders U.S. troops to take control of the Philippine island of Luzon.
  • Secure Philippine Islands

    President McKinley orders that U.S. troops secure the entirity of the Philippine islands.
  • Spanish-American War Ends

    A formal treaty is signed in Paris between Spain and the United States, with the U.S. the winner. We acquire the Philippines, among others.
  • First Philippine Commission

    President McKinley orders a thorough investigation of the conditions of the islands to determine coming actions.
  • The War Begins

    The Philippines officially declares war on the United States.
  • General Antonio Luna Killed

    Philippine leaders assassinate General Antonio Luna, a major strategic force for the U.S.
  • Aguinaldo Captured

    General Frederick Funston, his troops, and a band of converted Filipinos fool Aguinaldo and capture him.
  • Aguinaldo Surrenders

    Aguinaldo admits takeover by the United States and swears allegiance to the new imperial power.
  • Philippines Surrender

    Aguinaldo issues a formal surrender to the United States, declaring no more fighting would take place.
  • Roosevelt Pardons Fighters

    New President Roosevelt issues a formal pardon to all fighting participants in the war.
  • McKinley Assassinated

    Leon Czolgosz shoots President McKinley twice, killing him, in Buffalo, New York.
  • War Ends

    Emilio Aguinaldo surrenders to the United States, who here officially win the war.
  • Last Filipino General Surrenders

    It's likely that Simeon Ola of the Bicol region was the las Filipino General to formally surrender to U.S. power.