524px captain james cook

Timeline of Captain James Cook

By ab246
  • Born

    This is the date I was born, also I was born in Yorkshire, England. He was named after his father who which was very rebellious.
  • Period: to

    Life till death

  • Teachings

    Taught myself how to use a sextant and to tell time by the sun. Also I loved to read on my free time because I didnt have any tv or video game thingys.
  • Marriage

    I married Kathy who was a farm girl before marriage.
  • British Navy

    British Navy
    This is when I joined the British Navy
  • First Voyage

    First Voyage
    This was probably the best voyage of my sailing career
  • Rio, South America

    Rio, South America
    This was probably the most hostile place I was in because it was ruled by the Spanish.
  • Dusky Sound

    Dusky Sound
    This was very helpful to us, it offered many recources to repair our boat.
  • Tahiti

    This place was beautiful. Sailors were very ill but once we landed hear everyone became very not ill.
  • Resolution I

    Resolution I
    This was probably my worst voyage ever.
  • Antartica

    I could never find this land but it seemed so harsh to get their that I am ashamed to say I did not accomplish it.
  • Resolution II

    Resolution II
    Before this voyage I was promoted to Fellow Royal to Society, unfortunately.
  • Hawaiin Deaths also the death of Captain James Cook

    Hawaiin Deaths also the death of Captain James Cook
    Sadly I died here, while I was checking on my boat I was stabbed to death by a native from Hawaii.