Event Timeline!

By marice
  • Russian Civil War

    Russian Civil War
    From 1917-1921, basically the series of revolutions, it stayed around St. Petersburg. It was the first revolution of February.
  • The March/February Revolution

    The March/February Revolution
    It took place in March but they call it the "February Revolution". This revolution appeared to break out outrageously, without any sort of leadership. It was caused because of tensions between two totally different places
  • Royal family murdered!m :-(

    Royal family murdered!m :-(
    Tsar Nicholas II was one of the first people to die
    in the Ipatiev House basement in July 1918. Some say
    it was Yakov Yurovsky, the leader of the executioners, who shot Nicholas II first.
    Not only were The Russian Royal family Killed in 1918 but so were their servants.