Texas Independance

By jon123
  • Louisiana

    U.S. bought louisiana territory from France
  • Adams Onis Treaty

  • Moses Austin

    Moses Austin received land grant for texas
  • Period: to


    Mexico passed three colonization laws
  • Mexican

    Americans outnumbered Mexicans in Texas
  • Sam Huston

    Sam Huston came to Texas
  • Santa Anna

    Santa Anna becomes president of Mexico
  • Lopez Desante

    Lopez Desante becam the president of Mexico
  • Davy Crockett

    Davy Crockett lost his seat in congress
  • Texas

    Unrest in Texas resulted in violence
  • San Antonio

    San Antonio liberated
  • Alamo

    Santa Anna marchet at the alamo
  • Texan Republic

    Texas became a republic
  • Texas attack

    Texas attacked mexican camp killing 600 and capturing 700
  • Sam Huston

    Sam Huston elected president of texas
  • John Tyler

    John Tyler elected president of U.S.
  • Texas Now U.S.

    James K Polk Becomes president makes texas an official state