Russian Revolution

  • Russia Industrializes

    Nicholas I tries to push Russia forward by raising taxes and investing in foriegh market
  • Period: to


  • Alexander II assassinated

    Angry Revolutionaries over the slow paced political change assassinate the reform mined czar. His son, Alexander III, takes power
  • New Czar

    Nichlas II comes to power and tries to reform Russia through autocracy
  • Alexander III comes to power

    Alexander III tries to wipe out the revolutionaries through harsh treatment and cencorship
  • Bolshevics Movement

    Russian Marxists split into two groups over Revolutionary tactics. The Bolshevics and the Menshevics all had a goal to sacfufice everything for change to Russia. Their leader Vladimir Ilyich nicknamed Lenin
  • Bloody Sunday

    January 22, around 200,000 workers and there families protested in front of the Czar's palace asking for better working conditions and more freedom. Nicholas II ordered his men to fire into the crowd wounding 1000's and killing hundreds more.
  • World War I

    Nicholas II drags Russia into the war only to lose millions and show the weakness of the Czarist rule.
  • Rasputin murdered

    A group of nobles murdered the suspected "Holy Man"
  • Nicholas steps down

    Nicholas and his family are forces to step down from power due to all angry protests
  • Autocracy protest

    Women textile workers in Petrograd led a citywide strike against the autocracy. 200,000 workers swarmed the streets and over the course of the next 5 days violence toward the rioters and soldiers broke out but later the soldiers decided to protest with women
  • Civil War in Russia

    The rovolutionary leader Leon Trotsky commanded the Bolshevics red army into war
  • New Economy

    Lenin put aside his plan for state controlled economy and tried for capitalism
  • Communist Party

    the Boshevik's rename there party The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)