• my b-day

    my b-day
    today is my b-day and i am now 15 years old last year i went to the kiss 108 concert
  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift
    her concert is comming in June to Boston
  • concerts

    i heard there are concerts comming this mounth one very soon
  • kiss concert

    kiss concert
    the kiss concert is comming May 22th
  • chris dautry

    chris dautry
    he is comming soon in LA
  • my weebly adress

    my weebly adress
    weebly adreessit is my weeebly adress with tons of games to play
  • how to win concert tickets

    how to win  concert tickets
    sonetimes at 7:10 and 8:10 in the morning you cand go to 107.9 fm and listen to see if you cand win the kiss tickets or any other kind of tickets
  • mothers day

  • kiss concert is here

    kiss concert is here
  • mamorial day

    don't forget
  • Taylor swift concert today

    Taylor swift concert today
  • my dads b-day

    i thaught i might add
  • farthers day

  • twilight

    twilight eclipse comes out in MA today yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • moms b-day

    i thaught i might add