Patty duke

Call Me Anna Marie

By nb4
  • Birth

    I was born on this date in Elmhurst, New York. With my real name Anna Marie Duke.
  • Dad leaves

    Dad leaves
    When I was six years old my mother kicked my father out for his constient drinking.
  • Period: to

    I left to live with the managers

    When I was 8 years old John and Ethel Ross convicneced my mother that it was the right thing to let me live with them. And i did so all the way to age 18.
  • Helen Keller On Broadway

    Helen Keller On Broadway
    The director of the show was aruther penn. 18 Curtain calls in Philedalphia.
  • I leave the Miracle Worker

    I leave the Miracle Worker
  • The Miracle Worker becomes a movie

    The Miracle Worker becomes a movie
    The miracle worker became a movie and I won an academy award for best supporting actress.
  • Patty Duke show

    Patty Duke show
    Theme songIt lasted 3 seasons and patty ended up winning an emmy.
  • Billie

    In 1965, I starred in the movie Billie. It was a success and was the first movie ever sold to a television network.
  • Valley Of The Dolls

    Valley Of The Dolls
    I then starred in Valley of the Dolls (1967), which was a financial but not a critical success.
  • Me, Natalie

    Me, Natalie
    In 1969, I secured a part in an independent film called Me, Natalie.
  • My first son was born

    My first son was born
    Sean Astin
  • My second son was born

    My second son was born
    Mackenzie Alexander Astin
  • Second Emmy

    Second Emmy
    On this date Patty won her second emmy for the highly successful mini-series "Captains and the Kings"
  • I have a manic depressive illness!

    I have a manic depressive illness!
    At age 35 I found out why I was so depressed and couldn't contol it, I had an extreme Biopolar illness.
  • Autobiography

    In 1987 she wrote her autobiography "Call Me Anna"
  • Autobiography-Movie

    Her autobiography became a TV movie in 1990, with Patty playing herself from her 30s onward.
  • Second Book

    Second Book
    Patty Duke wrote her second book on this date called "A Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depression Illness."
  • My life now

    My life now
    Today, almost fifty years after my acting debut, I am still going strong. Im a happy wife, mother, mental spokesperson and actress who has starred in about a dozen feature films and over seventy movies for television. I am proud to say that i am one of the few stars who has survived child stardom and went on to become a successful and respected adult actress.