• The beginning

    This was the starting of my band, me and my friend Brandon aka Bpohl were talking about starting a band. He plays drums and I play guitar, What we were wanting is to start finding a singer and synth/keyboard player, bassist, and a rythym guitarist. So our search began...
  • The search

    Well we were finding people left from right, But some were being rude people to us when we asked them what they wanted to play and we wanted something intirely different so our search was getting kinda out of hand. We went to the pros, we found some really good people but later on found out that they were jerks,,,
  • We got a band!

    We got the band together finally we just had a lil jam session to figure stuff out and find our places. The band was now Me, Bpohl, Aaron Hammers, Josh Hammers, Jake Henderson, and Seth B. We were siked for our first band practice!
  • The first practice.

    Alright, we had a lil trouble getting Joshes amps and guitars over to the house because his mom was being a jerkface to us. But, in time we got him over there thanks to Brandon, An hour later, we had everything ready. We started playing one at a time, but I started fisrst then everyone followed along. We had about 3 songs ready after the first day.
  • The first show

    It was the day before my Birthday, and we had a show at the top of 5th 3rd banks parking lot. There was actually a s*** load of people there to watch us play we had an EP out with like 7 or 8 songs on it. It was for sale for like 5 dollars and we actually sold way over then what we expected, which was a huge plus for us we had around $600 from all of it. So our first gig was a sucess!
  • The breakdown time...

    We Had a lot of trouble with everyone arguing all the time so on this day we decidied to get rid of everyone except me and Brandon. But, me and him decided to take a long a** break.