Personal Timeline

Timeline created by jessemr1991
  • Day I Was Born!

    Day I Was Born!
    A good day!
  • Halloween

  • First Visit To The Beach

    First Visit To The Beach
    My first sand castle, oh boy.
  • My Barney Days

    My Barney Days
    Watched Barney everyday, and I couldn't say it right
  • My First Bike

    My First Bike
    Had to many memories on this thing, the painful and the good
  • Got My Nintendo 64

    Got My Nintendo 64
    Love this thing, played every night!
  • First Day Of School

    First Day Of School
    Not afraid!
  • Started Baseball

    Started Baseball
    I couldn't play
  • First Day Of Football

    First Day Of Football
    Played for the Titans!
  • Started At L.E.A Detailing Co.

    Love the job
  • Graduation!

    Moving on to USI
  • Start At USI

    Start At USI
    beginning my future