Texas Timeline

  • 1943

    1943 – A race riot in Beaumont leads to a declaration of martial law
  • 1947

    1947 - The French owned SS Grand camp carrying ammunition nitrate, explodes in the SS high flyer. The disaster kills almost 600 and injures 4,000 more. The concussion is felt 75 miles away on Port Arthur, and the force creates a 15 foot title wave.
  • 1948

    1948 – Lyndon B. Johnson beats coke Stevenson in the US senate race by 87 votes. The winning margin in the disputed primary is registered in ballot force box no. 13 in Jims Wells County.
  • 1949

    1949 – The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston admits the first black student.
  • 1950

    1950 - The US Supreme Court orders racial integration of the University of Texas law school.
  • 1953

    1953 – A tornado kills 114, injures 597 at Waco, 150 homes and 185 other buildings are destroyed.
  • 1954

    1954 – Texas women gain the right to serve on injuries
  • 1957

    . 1957- Mexican American and legal defense and educational fund (MALDEF) is incorporated in Texas, Its first national office in San Antonio.
  • 1958

    1958 – Integrated circuit, developed by Jack Kilby at Texas instruments Dallas, is successfully tested, insuring in the semiconductor and electronics age.
  • 1961

    1961 John Tower wins special election for US senate, becoming the first republican senator from Texas since reconstruction.
  • 1962

    1962 – NASA opens the manned space craft Center in Houston. The center moves to a new campus – like building complex in 1964 .Its renamed Lyndon B. Johnson Space center on August
  • 1963

    1963 – President John f. Kennedy is assainated in Dallas, Vice president Lyndon b. Johnson succeeds to the office, becoming the 36th president
  • 1964

    1964 – Poll tax is abolished by the 24th amendment to the US Constitution as a requirement for voting for federal offices. It is retained in Texas, president.
  • 1969

    1969- July 20th, Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong transmits his first words from the moon, “Houston, the eagle has landed”.
  • 1971

    . town State Bank 1971- Sectaries and Exchange commission investigates illegal manipulation of stock transitions involving Frank Sharp and his Sharps of Houston.
  • 1972

    1972- The sharps town scandal results in the convention of the house speaker Gus Mutscher and two associates for conspiracy and bribery.
  • 1972

    1974- Jan 8th, Constitutional convention meets to attempt to write a new state constitution. However the delegates comprising membership of the 63rd legislature
  • 1978

    1978- William Clements becomes the first republican governor
    Of Texas since reconstruction.
  • 1979

    1979- severs tornados kill 53 in west Texas, including 42 in Wichita Falls and caused 4 million dollars in damage.
  • 1984

    1984 aug. 20-23 – the national republican convention was held in Dallas.
  • 1988

    1988- Houstonian gorge bush is elected president of the United States
  • 1990

    1990- Democrat Ann Richards becomes first woman governor in Texas own right
  • 1991

    1991- Kate bailey Hutchinson becomes first woman senator.
  • 2000

    1. – Former Texas governor George w bush was elected president of the United States.