mr.m moeshia.erskine

  • Mar 18, 1519

    history began

    history began
    the history of Texas began in 1519
  • May 10, 1519

    texas got taken over

    texas got taken over
    Spain, France, and Mexico took over Texas
  • first European base

    first European base
    the first European plane was established until 1682
  • alonso de leon

    alonso de leon
    In March 1690, Alonso De León led an expedition to establish a mission in East Texas.
  • spain appointed texas

    spain appointed texas
    On January 23, 1691, Spain appointed the first governor of Texas, General Domingo Terán de los Ríos
  • constitution

    Under the Mexican Constitution of 1824, the regions of Texas and Coahuila were combined into one state. Soon afterwards, the State Constitution of Coahuila and Texas was adopted and governed the region.
  • Cynthia Ann Parker

    Cynthia Ann Parker
    Cynthia Ann Parker got captured by the caddo, Comanche, and Kiowa indains
  • texas capital

    In November of 1839, the Congress of the Republic first met in Austin. Because of the exposure of Austin to the hazards of the western frontier, however, the government met in Houston and at Washington on the Brazos between 1842 and 1845.
  • sam houston

    sam houston
    Sam Houston was the govener December 21, 1859 – March 18, 1861
  • first flight

    first flight
    As early as the 1860's, balloonists in Texas took to the air in experiments that seemed to defy the laws of gravity.
  • texas becoming the 28th state

    texas becoming the 28th state
    texas joined the United States becoming teh 28th state
  • Cattle Drive

    Cattle Drive
    1866-1886, when 20 million cattle were herded from Texas to railheads in Kansas
  • marching soldiers

    marching soldiers
    Spanish troops marched in the plaza
  • the moon

    the moon
    apollo lands on the moon
  • crash at crush

    crash at crush
    By 5 p.m. the afternoon of September 15, 1896, nearly 50,000 people had gathered anxiously on a wide stretch of Texas prairie near Waco
  • lady bird jhonson

    lady bird jhonson
    US First Lady 1963-1969, proponent of beautification and Head Start.
  • kennedy got killed

    kennedy got killed
    president Kennidty got killed
  • caddo men

    caddo men
    the caddos used to live in East texas
  • Santa Anna

    Santa Anna
    Santa Anna was the president of Mexico
  • paloe indains

    paloe indains
    Paleo indains lived in texas