5 Significant Inventions In Computer History For The Decade

By amr1026
  • The Wii

    The Wii was a video game console that was intended to be played with multiple players. It brought families together for game nights or just to enjoy. This console was invented by Shigeru Miyamoto.
  • Apple Watch

    Not only does Apple create the sleekest and the best phones, but in 2015 they came out with the Apple watch. It of course tells time, but it has many other features. You are able to text people, make calls or even leave yourself a reminder. This was created by Tim Cook.
  • Airpods

    The Airpods are wireless earbuds that only require Bluetooth to connect to a device. Since 2016, Apple has created a few other versions of these earbuds such as the Airpod Pros.
  • Virtual Reality Headset

    Society loves virtual reality especially when you have it right in your own home. In 2017, Oculus released their headset to give people the opportunity to see a new reality. It has been advanced in many ways recently, but it is still quite incredible to see into a different "world".
  • RichTech Robotics

    These little robots are also servers! They carry food to customers or even clean your floor! This robot has many different functions depending on what is needed such as a payment method or sensor technology to avoid collisions.