Mr.M lauren jones

  • Sep 22, 1554


    Fourteen years after setting out for Texas, Coronado dies. He is one of the first white men to explore Texas, and leader of one of 20 Spanish explorations of the area.
  • No More Emigration

    No More Emigration
    the Mexican government forbids further American emigration to Texas.
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    the Battle of Gonzales is waged and the War of Texas Indepedence begins.
  • Texas Decloration of Independence

    Texas Decloration of Independence
    Texas Decloration of Independence
  • Attack of the Alamo Ends

    Attack of the Alamo Ends
    3 day seige ended by all remaining surviors killed on this day.
  • Runaway Scrape

    Runaway Scrape
    Sam Houston in a panick run eastward to avoid Mexican army.
  • Goliad

    About 350 texans are ordered to be executed at Goliad, but an estimated 30 escape
  • The Shortest Battle

    The Shortest Battle
    lasting for 18 minutes at San Jaciento
  • Treaties of Velasco

    Treaties of Velasco
    it ended the texas revolution
  • Voting

    the people choose the elected officials
  • Sessesion

    withdrawing Texas from the union
  • Choosing Sides

    Robert E. Lee is ordered to go to Washington
  • Sessession Part 2

    accepts confederaste state hood
  • Not Yet

    Not Yet
    Texas is a Confederate state before it even withdraws from the union
  • Protesting/Resigning

    Sam Houston resigns as governor to protest against secession
  • Off to Mexico We Go

    Off to Mexico We Go
    about 68 unionists start for mexico and 19 are killed by confederates
  • Slavery Goes Bye~Bye

    Slavery Goes Bye~Bye
    Gorden Granger arrives in Galventston to anounce slavery has been abolished
  • Approved and Nullified

    Approved and Nullified
    the constitutional convention approves an ordiance to nullify the actions of the sessession convention
  • Peace

    president andrew johnson issues a proclamation of peace between the United States and Texas
  • Texas Readmitted

    us congress readmitted texas back into the union reconstruction continued but only for another 4 years
  • No More Reconstruction

    end to reconstruction in Texas
  • Palo Duro Oh No

    Palo Duro Oh No
    Battle of the Palo Duro Canyon led by Mackenzie
  • Constitution is Here

    present state constitution is adopted
  • A&M

    a&m is opened at collage station but was origanally called agricultural and mechanical collage

    the great hurricane attacks galvenston and kills 6000 people there
  • OIL

    oil found by mining engieer
  • First Military Flight

    First Military Flight
    lT. Benjiman D. Foulis makes military flight in a Wright Brothers Plane
  • Attempting New Constitution

    constitutional convention meets to attempt ot make a new state constitution