Mr. m caleb coleman

  • Period: to

    texas semi history

  • Decree of april 6 1830

  • battle of velasco

  • austin is arested for trying to start a revoloution

  • davy crockett arives in texas

    David Crockett and some of his "Tennessee boys" arrive at the Alamo
  • battle of gonzalaz

    Thirty-two men from Gonzales fight their way into the Alamo. No other volunteers come.
  • battle of the alamo

    battle of the alamo
  • 2nd battle of gonzalaz

  • battle of coleto creek is lost

    James Walker Fannin and his men lose the Battle of Coleto Creek.
  • treaty of velasco is signed

    Santa Anna and President David Burnet sign the Treaty of Velasco.
  • texas adopts flag

    texas adopts flag
    The Republic of Texas adopts its new flag.
  • colt revolver is patented

    The Colt-Walker pistol is patented.
  • they draw beans

    The prisoners of the Mier Expedition draw white and black beans from a pot; the 17 who draw black beans are executed by the Mexicans.
  • Baylor University is founded.

    Baylor University is founded.
  • texas 28th state

  • texas accepts the compromise of 1850

    Texas accepts the Compromise of 1850, and gets $10 million in exchange for giving up a claim that stretches all the way to California.
  • king ranch established

  • the comaches move out of texas

    The Comanches are moved out of Texas and into Indian Territory.
  • texas rangers

    Col. Benjamin Terry organizes his "Texas Rangers."
  • houston dies

    Sam houston dies at his home in huntsville
  • last civil war battle fought in texas at palmitto ranch

  • slavery abolished

    The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified; slavery is abolished.
  • indians lose adobe walls

    The Indians lose the second battle of Adobe Walls.
  • texas a&m is founded

  • oil is dicovered

    Oil is discovered in Corsicana
  • womans suffrege movement begins