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  • Nov 6, 1528

    cabeza de vaca

    Cabeza de Vaca is shipwrecked near Galveston. He begins an incredible journey that marks the white man's first exploration of Texas.
  • Nov 16, 1528

    robert cavlier

    Robert Cavelier, Sieur de LaSalle established Fort St. Louis at Matagorda Bay, and thus formed the basis for France's claim to Texas. Two years later, LaSalle was murdered by his own men.
  • Apr 22, 1540


    The Coronado Expedition sets out for Texas in search of the seven cities of Cibola.
  • May 23, 1541

    plao duro canyon

    Coronado gives thanks for having found friendly Indians in the Palo Duro Canyon; Texas has a Thanksgiving 79 years before the Pilgrims.
  • Sep 22, 1554

    spanish explores

    Fourteen years after setting out for Texas, Coronado dies. He is one of the first white men to explore Texas, and leader of one of 20 Spanish explorations of the area.
  • la salle explorer

    La Salle, a French explorer, lands in Texas instead of finding the mouth of the Mississippi.
  • mexiacn explor

    mexiacn explor
    Mexican explorer Alonso de Leon reached Fort St. Louis, and found it abandoned, during an expedition planned to reestablish Spanish presence in Texas.
  • san francisco mission

    The Mission San Francisco de los Tejas is founded in east Texas.
  • don gregorio

    Don Gregorio de Salinas Varona leads an expedition into Texas, and reports that the land is unsuitable for settlement; a year later Spain abandons the Texas frontier.
  • st. johns soldiers

    To celebrate the feast of St. John, soldiers of the Ramón expedition stage the first horse race in Texas
  • spanish

    The Spanish build a presidio west of the Neches River. It marks the beginning of continuous settlement in the province of Texas.
  • alamo founded

    The Mission San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo) is founded.
  • mission

    The Mission San Francisco de Ia Espada is established at San Antonio.
  • texas coast

    The first recorded hurricane strikes the Texas coast near Galveston
  • sam houston

    Sam Houston is born in Virginia.
  • philip nolan

    Philip Nolan receives a passport to go to Mexican Texas.
  • sabine travel

    About 130-men strong, the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition crossed the Sabine from Louisiana in a rebel movement against Spanish rule in Texas
  • stephen f.

    Stephen F. Austin received a grant from the Mexican government and began colonization in the region of the Brazos River
  • mexico

    Relations between the Texans and Mexico reached a new low when Mexico forbid further emigration into Texas by settlers from the United States.
  • nov. 25

    The Texas navy is created
  • march 4

    Sam Houston is elected commander-in-chief of the Texas army.
  • 1860

    1 Approval of an ordinance of secession by the convention. 2 Committee of Public Safety directed to seize all federal property in Texas. 9 Proclamation by Gov. Houston setting an election on the Ordinance of Secession. 16 Seizure of the US Army facility at San Antonio under authority of the Committee of Safety. 18 US General David E. Twiggs surrenders all US military posts in Texas. 19 Carlos A. Waite replaces Gen. Twiggs as US Army commander, Department of Texas. 21 Volunteers
  • navy

    The Texas navy is created