THe Battle of tHe Alamo

  • Cos arrives at Sanantonio bringing 1, 200 men

    Cos arrives at Sanantonio  bringing 1, 200 men
  • Texians defeat Centralists in skirmish near Mission Concepcion

  • Colonel James Bowie arrives to investigate the military situation for governor Henry Smith and General Sam Houston

  • Bowie and Neill vow ". . . we will rather die in these ditches than give it up to the enemy." Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis arrives with 30 men

  • Former Congressman David Crockett arrives in San Antonio de Béxar with 12 volunteers

  • Antonio López de Santa Anna and the Centralist forces arrive and the Siege of the Alamo begins

  • The Alamo falls in a predawn assault

  • Travis and Bowie agree to share command at San Antonio de Béxar after Colonel Neill received a temporary leave of absence

  • Alamo Battle started

    Alamo Battle started
  • The Alamo reoccupied by Centralist forces

  • Centralist forces are ordered out of Texas following Santa Anna's capture at the Battle of San Jacinto - the Alamo's fortifications are destroyed by the Centralist garrison