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  • the great hurrican

    "The great hurrican" destroys much of Galvastin and kills 6,000 people there
  • oil

    • Oil found by mining engineer Capt. A.F. Lucas at Spindletop near Beaumont catapults Texas into the petroleum age.
  • poll tax

    Texas establishes a poll tax
  • democratic primary

    democratic primary
    • Texans votes for US senator in the Democratic primary, although the Texas legislature retains ultimate appointment authority, primary voters can express their preferences.
  • benjamin

    • Lt. Benjamin D. Foulois makes first military air flight in a Wright brothers plane at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.
  • war

    Mexican civil war spills across the border, as refugees seek safety, combatants seek each other, and Texas settlements are raided for supplies by all sides in the fighting. Pancho Villa and his followers are active along the border during some of this time.
  • directly elect us senators

    directly elect us senators
    Texas voters able to directly elect US senators.
  • women rights

    women rights
    texas woman win right to vote
  • large scale

    large scale
    Large-scale agricultural irrigation begins in the High Plains.
  • latin american

    latin american
    The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is founded in Corpus Christi.
  • daisy bradford

    daisy bradford
    The Daisy Bradford #3 well, drilled near Turnertown in Rusk County by wildcatter C.M. (Dad) Joiner, blows in, heralding the discovery of the huge East Texas Oil Field
  • Texas voters

    Texas voters
    Two years after federal prohibition was repealed, Texas voters ratify the repeal of the state's prohibition law.
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    U.S. Supreme Court orders integration of texas law schools
  • jack kilby

     jack kilby
    • Integrated circuit, developed by Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments, Dallas, is successfully tested, ushering in the semiconductor and electronics age.
  • constition

    Texas contition is amended out law poll tax
  • apollo11

    Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong transmits the first words from the surface of the moon: "Houston, the Eagle has landed."
  • fail

    Effort to write a new constitution fails
  • school funds

    school funds
    Texas supreme court orders equal school funds
  • no pass no play

    no pass no play
    The no pass no play rule is part of an education-reform package enacted by texas legislature
  • Democrat Ann

    Democrat Ann
    Demorcrat Ann Richards became the first woman Governor of texas in her own right
  • U.S. secrteary

    U.S. secrteary
    Henry cisnercs is appointed U.S. secrteary of having and urban development
  • statehood

    sesquicentennial of texas statehood is celebrated
  • named

    Texas is named second most visited state in united states
  • jarrell tornado

    jarrell tornado
    F-5 tornado hits Jarrell
  • gov

    Former Texas Gov. George W.Bush electeed as President of United States