Cieri 6th nathan

  • mexico independence

    mexico independence
    mexico struggles for indepindence from spain
  • rebel against spain

    rebel against spain
    130 rebel against spanish rule
  • stephen.f austin

    stephen.f austin
    moses austin dies his son stephen f austin continues to colonize areas
  • jean laffite

    jean laffite
    jean laffite occupies galveston island while smuggling in goods.
  • mexico gains independence from spain

    mexico gains independence from spain
    mexico gains independence from spain.
  • independace of nachodoches

    independace of nachodoches
    decloration of independence for nachodoches is sighned
  • mexico

    mexico stops immagration
  • texas revolution

    texas revolution
    first blodshed of texas revolution
  • cannon

    mexican troops try too take a cannon that was a gift but it was an ambush.
  • newspaper

    the gail borden begins publishing newspapers
  • texas decloration

    texas decloration
    texas declaration of independence was adopted at washington-on-thebrazos
  • first railroad

    first railroad
    first railroad begins operation
  • two reservation

    two reservation
    two reservations are established
  • robert e lee

    robert e lee
    col. robert .e.lee arrives in texas
  • ordered to return

    ordered to return
    robert e lee is ordered to return to washington dc
  • palmito ranch

    palmito ranch
    the battle of palmito ranch is fought near brownsville
  • present

    present state capitol is dedicated
  • coldness in texas

    texas experiences coldest winter on record
  • oil

    oil found i corsicana