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  • Jan 1, 1554

    Coronado dies

    Coronado dies
    Coronado was a white Explorer who was searching for the seven cities of gold. He was one of the first white men to explore Texas. He Also lead one of the 20 explorationsof Texas. He died In 1554.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1554 to


  • Thanksgiving

    On April 30 Thanksgiving is held near present-day El Paso. THis is held by Juan de Onate. Many natives from the region shw up at this thanksgiving.
  • Jumano

    In 1629 the Jumano natives requested Spanish missionaries from New Mexico to travle to the vicinity of present-day San Angelo. They did this because they wanted to learn about christianity.
  • First spanish mission

    First spanish mission
    In the year of 1682, The first spanish mission was Established. They called it Corpus Christi de la Isleta. It was established a few miles from present-day El Paso.
  • La Salle is killed

    La Salle is killed
    On Marsh 19th La Salle's own men betrayed him. They were being cruel and decided to kill La Salle. They killed him at an unknown East Texas location.
  • Catholic Missions

    Catholic Missions
    Throughout the 18th century Spain established many cotholic missions in Texas. Spain also established missions in San Antonio and golliad. This lasted until 1789. (almost 73 years )
  • First Election in Texas

    First Election in Texas
    In 1718, the first election in Texas was held. Voters voted for the Officials of the municipal goverment of San Fernando's the Alamo was the chapel. It was founded in San Antonio
  • misions move

    misions move
    in 1731, economic issues caused three missions to move to San Fransico. The missions were named Nuestra Senora de la Purisima Comception de Acuna, san francisco de la Espanda, and San Juan Capistrano.
  • Hurricane !!!

    Hurricane !!!
    on September 4, 1766 , Texas had it's first hurricane. The hurricane struck near Galveston. People had never seen a hurricane before so many of them probably either died or panicked.
  • civilian community

    civilian community
    In 1779, a group of settlers led by Gil Y'barvo established a civilian community. The community was located near an abondoned mission site. The new town is called Nachogdoches.
  • Father Miguel Hidalgo

    Father  Miguel Hidalgo
    Father Hidalgo costillo and several of his prisoners sieze the prison at Dolores, Mexico. This began the mexico's struggle for independence.
  • Rebel movement

    Rebel movement
    On august 8, The Gutierrez - Magee Expedition crossed the Sasbine from Louisiana in a rebel movement against spanish rule in Texas. This group consisted of about 100 strong men. The reason was simple but what they duid was tremendous.
  • Stephen F. Austins colonizes in Texas

    Stephen F. Austins colonizes in Texas
    On January 3 Stephen F Austin recieved a grant from the Mexican goverment. This grant allowed Austin to start colonizing in the region of the Brazos river. The three hundred people Stephen brought to Texas became known as the " Old Three Hundred. "
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of  Independence
    In 1826, the Declaration Of Independence of the republic of Fredonia is signed. This declaration was signed at Nacogdoches. This marked an important date in history.
  • Irish in Texas

    Irish in Texas
    As Texas became more and more popular, people from all over the world started coming to Texas. In the year of 1829, the first large group of irish people came to Texas. Most of the immigrants settled in the southern part of Texas.
  • Texas revelution

    Texas revelution
    On June sixteenth the first bloodshed of the texas revelution was spilled. It happened at Velasco when Texans are challendged by mexican forces. the mexicans surrendered on June 29.
  • Texas declaration of independence is adopted

    Texas declaration of independence is adopted
    on march second the declaration of independence was adopted. It took place in Washington-on-the-Brazos. This marked a very important time in Texas.
  • The Battle of San Jacinto

     The Battle of San Jacinto
    In a battle lasting 18 minutes, Texan troops led by Sam Houston defeat the Mexican at San Jacinto. Houston reported that about 630 Mexican troops were killed. However, Texas lost about 910 men.
  • State constitution

    State constitution
    on Febuary 15 the present-day constitution was made. This is the same costitution we use today. This one little event still takes part in our life today.