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  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is held near present day El Paso by Juan de Onate. Oddly it is held in April. It should be held in November
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  • First Spanish Mission

    First Spanish Mission
    First spanish mission, Corpus Christi dela Isleta is established. It is a few miles from pesent day El Paso.
  • The Alamo

    The Alamo
    The Alamo is founded in San Antonio. It will later become on of texas' most famous features. It was a big part of the Texas revolution.
  • Cotton

    Missions at San Antonio are producin thousands of pounds of cotton annually. It is still being harvested by slaves. It is texas' biggest cash crop.
  • First Hurricane

    First Hurricane
    Texas' first recorded hurricane strikes near Galveston. It was a very strong storm. This hurricane killed many people.
  • Newspaper

    Texas' first newspaper is published and released
  • Moses Austin Dies

    Moses Austin Dies
    Moses Austin dies. He was a major part in colonizing Texas. He left his son Stephen F. Austin to continue colinization efforts
  • Mexican Independance

    Mexican  Independance
    Mexico finnally gaind independance from spain. Soon after, Texas will seek independance from Mexico. This will begin the Texas revolution
  • Irish Settlers Arrive

    Irish Settlers Arrive
    the first group of irish immigrants arrive and settle in south Texas
  • Texas Revolution begins

    Texas Revolution begins
    The first bloodshed of the Texas Revolution occurs at Velasco. This begins an extremely long and bloody war. The Texans will be victorious.
  • Texas Rangers

    Texas Rangers
    The Texas Rangers are established. They fight against the Mexicans alot. They also help protect against indian raids.
  • Declaration Of Independance

    Declaration Of Independance
    The Texas declaration of independance is accepted
  • Goliad

    350 Texas prisoners are executed by Mexican troops at Goliad. Texas is furious. Only 30 people escape.
  • Republic of Texas

    Republic of Texas
    T^he Republic of Texas is officially rcognized by the United States. Its also recognized by other countries. It will last 10 years.
  • Baylor University

    Baylor University
    Baylor University is founded
  • Annexation

    Texas voters overwhelmingly approve annexation. However the U.S. did not want to accept Texas. It took a long time for texas to finnally be admited into the U.S.
  • Sam Houston Resigns

    Sam Houston Resigns
    Governor Sam Houston resigns in protest against sucession from the U.S. He goes to his beach house near galveston. There, he passes away with his family by his side.
  • Cattle Drives

    Cattle Drives
    The cattle drives begin. They only last about ten years. About the time that people began using railroads, they end.
  • Constitution

    Texas' present state constitution is adopted
  • The University of Texas

    The University of Texas
    Unfortunately, classes at The University of Texas begin. :)
  • The Capitol

    The Capitol
    Texas' present day capitol is dedicated. It had been moved from houston to austin.
  • Coldest Winter Ever

    Coldest Winter Ever
    Texas experiences its coldest winter on record.
  • "The Big Huricane"

    "The Big Huricane"
    A huge hurricane destroys much of Galveston. It kills 6,000 people. Many buildings are reduced to rubble.
  • Women Vote

    Women Vote
    Texas women earn the right to vote. However, its only in the primary. this happens after long months of protests and boycotts.
  • First Women Govenor

    First Women Govenor
    Miriam Ferguson becomes Texas' first woman governor.