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  • First Bloodshed of texas

    First Bloodshed of texas
    First bloodshed of the texas revolution takes place in velasco when Texans transporting a cannon are challenged by mexican forces.
  • Seige of the Alamo

    Seige of the Alamo
    Santa Anna starts to seige the Alamo.
  • Travis's letter

    Travis's letter
    William Barret Travis wrote a letter and sent it to Gonzales, this document has been called the most heroic document in Texas history.
  • Texas's Decleration

    Texas's Decleration
    Texas decleration of independence is founded.
  • The Alamo surrounded

    The Alamo surrounded
    About 1,800 mexican troops surrounded the alamo to warn the Texan soilders inside of their fate.
  • The Alamo Falls

    The Alamo Falls
    The Alamo falled against Santa Anna's army.
  • Sam Houston Retreats

    Sam Houston Retreats
    Sam Houston abandons Gonzales and retreats eastward to advoid the advancing mexican army.
  • Execution

    About 350 texans prizoneers, including their commander James Fannin, are exicuted at Goliad by order of Santa Anna
  • Texas victory

    Texas victory
    Texas army defeated mexican army at Sanjaci
  • Treties of velasco

    Treties of velasco
    The Treties of Velasco are sighned
  • Treties of Velasco

    Treties of Velasco
    Santa Anna and Texas's provisional president David G. Burnet sighn 2 treties of velasco,one public one secret