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  • Period: Jan 1, 1519 to


  • Apr 14, 1519

    Texas Coastline

    Texas Coastline
    Spanish Explorer Alonso Alvarez de maps Texas Coastline!
  • Nov 15, 1554

    Explore Texas.

    Explore Texas.
    Coronado dies. He is one of the first white men to explore Texas, and leader of 20 Spanish explorations of the area.
  • Alamo!

    San Antonio de Valero mission, known as the Alamo ws the chapel, is founded in San Antonio.
  • Hurricane..

    Texas' first recorded hurricane strikes near Galveston.
  • Texas D of I

    Texas D of I
    TExas Declaration of Independence is adopted at Washington-on-the-Brazos.
  • First Sale.

    First Sale.
    First sale of town lots in new capital of the Republic, which is named for Stephen F. Austin, is held.
  • US Congress.

    US Congress.
    The US Congress approves, and President JAmes K. Polk signs, the "Joint Reaolution for the Admission of the State of Texas into the Union." Texas becomes the 28th state.
  • First Railroad.

    First Railroad.
    The first railroad to actually begin operation in Texas is chartered by the state government. The Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado begins peration in 1853.
  • University.

    Baylor University is founded.
  • Texas Constitutinal Convention

    Texas Constitutinal Convention
    Texas Constitutinal Convention votes to accept the United States annexation proposal; it drafts an Annexation Ordinance and State Constitution to submit to the voters of Texas.
  • San Antonio..

    San Antonio..
    Col. Robert E. Lee arrives in San Antonio. He serves at Camp Cooper on the Camanche reservation beginning April 9. He returns to Wasington for a short time, coming back to San Antonio and Fort Mason in Febuary 1860
  • Brownsville

    Violent Clashes between Juan "Cheno" Cortina and Anglo lawmen begin int the Brownsville area in the Lower Rio Grande Vally. Texas Rangers and federal troops eventually halt the so-called "Coortina War" in 1875
  • Comfort!!

    About 68 Union loyalists, mostly German immigrants from the area of Comfort, in Central Texas, start for Mexico in an attempt to reach US troops; 19 killedd by Confederates on the Nueces River. 8 others were killed on Oct. 18 at the Rio Grande. Others drown attempting to swim the river. Their deaths are commemorated in Comfort by the Treue der Union (True to the Union) monument.

    The Battle of PAlmito Ranch is fought near Brownsville, after the offical end of the Civil War, because word of the war's end at Appomattox on April 9 has not yet reached tropps inTexas.
  • signs the act!

    signs the act!
    President Grant signs the act readmitting Texas to Congressional representation.
  • Governor..

    Edmund J. Davis becomes the first Republican governor of Texas.
  • Buffalo Soldiers!!

    Buffalo Soldiers!!
    Black "Buffalo Soldiers" are first posted to Texas, eventually serving at virtually every frontier fort in West Texas from the Rio Grande to the Panhandle, as well as in other states.
  • Indianola!

    Hurricane destroys or damages every house in the port of Indianola, finishing the job started by another storm 11 years earlier. Indianola is never rebuilt.
  • James Hogg

    James Hogg
    The Railroad Commission, proposed by Gov. James Hogg, is established by the Texas legislature to regulate freight rates and to establish rules for railroad operations.
  • William P. Hobby

    William P. Hobby
    Responding to anti German sentiment, Gov. William P. Hobby vetoes appropiations for German Dept. of The University of Texas!
  • Miriam "Ma" Ferguson

    Miriam "Ma" Ferguson
    Miriam "Ma" Ferguson becomes Texas' first woman governor, serving as a figurehead for her husband, former Gov. James E. Ferguson.
  • Audrey Allen

    Audrey Allen
  • George W. Bush

    George W. Bush
    Former Texas Gov. George W. Bush elected President of the United States.
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Board

    Federal Home Loan Bank Board
    The Federal Home Loan Bank Board suspends deposit insurance for Texas savings-and-loan companies applying for state charters. Three years later, after uncovering widespread insider abuse at Texas lending institutions, federal regulators announce bail-out plans for many Texas thrifts and begin prosecution of S&L officials.
  • Mount Carmel

    Mount Carmel
    Siege that began on Feb. 28 ended, federal agents storm the compound called Mount Carmel near Waco, where cult leader David Koresh and his followers, called Branch Davidians, had reportedly been storing a large cache of assault weapons. The assault and ensuing fire kill four agents and 86 Branch Davidians.